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Music Above All (Part II)



Collaboration Tuesday – A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal – Wordsworth

Marcy thank you so much!

Illustrated Poetry

sleepwillnotcome…No motion has she now, no force;
She neither hears nor sees;
Rolled round in earth’s diurnal course,
With rocks, and stones, and trees.

William Wordsworth
(1770 – 1850)

If your journeys on WordPress have not taken you by Mr. Geo Kalpataru’s amazing art and poetry blog, then please allow me to make the introduction! It had been far too long since our last collaboration, so I was excited when he agreed to create another piece for Illustrated Poetry (click here to see his colorful and spot-on illustration for A.E. Housman’s When I Was One-And-Twenty). The inspiration for Geo’s drawing comes from William Wordsworth’s elegant poem A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal. It is considered one of his five “Lucy” poems – experimental poems in which Wordsworth explores the poet’s unrequited love for an idealized woman who has died young. Feel free to read the whole poem here and then have…

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Our Dance – A Collaboration with Diwata In Lalaland


 Thank you Diwata! It was a pleasure..

Diwata in Lalaland

DanceJpg Illustration by: Geo Kalpataru

As your tears begin to fall
At the darkest night before dawn…

Drop everything on the ground!
We will dance!
Dance in trance with my existence…
I Am, The Shaman
Chant with the beat of my heart
Come closer, open your mouth
Breathe my breath, my life
To the very essence…
Breathe in… Breathe out…
Until the water in the clouds dry out
And the sun comes,
Behind the mountains…
You are healing.  I am healing.
We are healing.  They are healing.

Now, look at me in The Eye
Slow grind your thoughts with mine…
Lose my Self inside your Self
Until you find me
Drenched in the colors of your energy
Transform them to memories
Into expression
Into poetry
Not your ordinary fairytale story

The wind brings the feel of spring…
Ahh The Fountain…
Like trees and flowers
We will blossom once…

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Excerpt and Collaboration Tuesday – When I was One-and-Twenty – Housman

a collaboration with Illustrated Poetry! 

Illustrated Poetry

poetryI am thrilled to present today’s post: an illustration of A.E. Housman’s famous poem, “When I was One-and-Twenty,” drawn and composed by Mr. Geo Kalpataru. Geo’s style is vibrant, imaginative, and almost Dr. Seussian. His blog, geo.kalpataru, features his colorful artwork and poetry – check it out! You can find the full text of A.E. Housman’s poem here. Enjoy!

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