Full time flâneur – Part time ghost.

Stray Cats, Trees, Koalas, Imperfection, Long Walks, Cacti, Yoga, Islands, Mountains (and many more)

This is an attempt to expose my self through my drawings and writings, but also to interact, share and maybe collaborate with others. Come to think of it, I already, feel exposed.



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  1. Amigo,
    Υour ”universal self portrait” brought me in your page ! Your writing match, perfect, with your drawings. Colors and words en total armonía! My favorite is ”Shhh”. Your site saved me from a really boring day at work so Ι want to tell you that. Thanks. I follow you ,now, via email. It is the least Ι can do.
    greetings desde Argentina, mi hermano


    1. thank you! how did you find this? i am curious now..really you made me smile.send me an email with your address (press the CONTACT button) cause i want to send you the original drawing of Shhh. it’s the least i can do, amigo


  2. I am so glad I found your blog! Great exposure of the self here. Thank you for sharing with us … It is always nice to know there are like minded spirits across this world. Your world and mind must be intriguing among many other things.. ❤


  3. Wonderful ! I mean it. It looks like your drawings cannot stand without your words and vice versa…illustration and poetry, one of my favorites… Visual poetry takes effort and good planning. Very good execution here. Do you sell any prints by any chance?


    1. thanks! you know, kind words(and hopefully honest) bring me in to a very weird mood.i just dont know how to respond.its hard to explain. i am happy, nonetheless and very grateful for your effort to comment. there is nothing better for me(well, as i believe with everyone) when someone feels a connection with the things i do. please press Contact and use my email address. much appreciated!


    1. this photo was taken by a good friend last winter. we were making fun of posing for photos.i will let him know that you got inspired by this.he ll be happy 🙂 judging by your artwork(my favorite is Galaxy)is gonna be a good drawing.oil pastel is a great tool and you use it nicely! köszönet

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  4. Further to previous correspondence, please will you kindly provide some explanation, together with any requisite historical derivations, about your name.

    I confidently surmise that “geo” is short for “Georgios”, [Pats self on shoulder], which, pleasingly derives from “farmer” or, better still, “earth-worker”. [Kisses own hand]

    Then, based on my research, “kalpataru”, though very Indian-sounding, is believed to emanate from Corfu: either a place or a yoga centre. Kindly confirm.

    Yours in etymological anticipation.


  5. there comes a time when the name , they have chosen for you doesn’t apply to you anymore. Georgios is my first name and it is a connection of two words (Geo, which means, the Earth, the soil, and orgio -English for orgy, the meaning of it is, the cultivation of the earth, the soil, so you are right about the earth worker) .now Kalpataru (which i chose for my last name) is a mythical tree in Indian mythology..which means in sanskrit the wish-fulfilling tree. there is so much symbolism around it..every part of the tree means something. The tree became my one and only tattoo and my new identity. the tree is related with Yoga too

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    1. Superb.

      I can’t add ANYTHING to the ingenious Earth Orgy.

      “Joanna Smith,” holding out her hand, “Nice to meet you.” She looks smart in her two-piece business suit.

      “Hi,” unzipping your flies, “I’m Earth Orgy.”

      She faints.

      In ecstasy.

      Moving on, I’m ALL OVER the mythical Indian tree. Maybe you could do a picture (or a drawing) and a poem about it? Unless you already have.

      Your yoga yearning has been noted.

      Meanwhile, I have a new job for you:

      Making people feel good. I think you should get paid to do this. Seriously.

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    2. I came to your blog because I know a Kalpataru, when no one else ever heard of such a tree… it seemed. I like your writing(s) and artwork(s). Good you are blogging.

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      1. the kalpataru tree enjoys stay hidden. doesn’t wish to be a popular tree and its happy that is known by just a few..so i guess you re special in a way..thank you for your kind words and welcome in this nest!

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  6. I am nominating you for Creative Blogger Award. You have been wonderfully supportive of The Daily Scrap. You do not have to accept the award if you do not wish. I am working on the award post now, so it should be up in a day or two. Have a wonderful week ~

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  7. Γιώώώώργο στην τρίτη θέση τα κοάλα?!?? Έπρεπε να το δω με τα μάτια μου για να το πιστέψω! Από το μπλογκ λείπουν τα κοάλα. Έφτιαξα ένα κολάζ με έμενα και κάποιους φίλους για να πάρεις έμπνευση. Τα λ’εμε σύντομα

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  8. Geo.kalpataru!
    Hi ( so high! ). I found you, through the Yoga Category in WordPRESS. I was so disappointed with most of the posts there ( I am not going to say why ) until I found Unlock Energies and
    Virabhadrasana I. It took a while, but Instant Connection! Next step was to find all these treasures you collect here, and then a Follow. So happy to meet you, through your inspiring work, your interesting thoughts, comrade!

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    1. alfonso2cuaves!
      a fellow cat..hm, i see! there are no words to describe, really, this comment of yours. kind words make me feel uncomfortable ,most of the time, yet i smile, i laugh, now. i wanna thank you for going through all posts(first time i saw this) , for the reblog and the follow. inter-connectivity amigo!

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    1. Brian, thank you so much..just checked your blog, really interesting. will come back for sure. please come back whenever you feel like it! since your blog is bilingual, quiero decir que estoy feliz tener la oportunidad leer algo en espanol. estudié español a la universidad pero hace mucho tiempo que no le he hablado (10 años, mas o menos) , no puedo practicarlo aqui en Grecia, porque no tiene amigos que hablan espanol. saludos a Mexico! perdon mis errores!!!

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    1. this is really kind of you to say but i never felt nor am i an artist .i never took any art class i just draw and write whatever is on my mind, if i don’t take it out of my mind, there is a chance i will explode..boom!

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    1. anything really. up until now, there were a few people who wrote a poem and i illustrated it. but there are so many things we can do..let me know if you re up to it, at some point
      what does SBUFF mean? i m curious


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