A Compass To Homeland



Overtly the glorious sonnet is accomplished.  Lyrics go round

The composer enters the hypnagogic state.

Nothing but a mechanism, those static images

Those visions of absurd melodrama

Round and round they go.

Encircling the garden of nostalgia.

Forever and a day they will rotate

Before one single thought split and run off



Arise then, mystical spirits of the past. Arise.

Give birth to your endless rhythmical beat

Once more I would seduce you

As you vibrate beneath my skin

As you chant deep within my heart.

Eulogy not condemnation is my due

I do not know what affection draws me toward you

But, at my own risk, I will fix you.

Offer me a lingering kiss and leave the world behind



Never presume that your darkness appalls me

Into it falls pure, absolute, bright Youth

This union is braver than I am myself.

I shall conquer you, gloriously

The tyranny of fear will be diminished.

Along with the spirits of Compassion, Truthfulness and Unity

A path will emerge, leading to our eternal country.



If soul –searching ascends me to higher fields, Starvation commands me, primitively, to descend

Round and round. Back and forth

Down to the reddish muddy ground again…

A few fools are being crucified. They dream of Love and Brotherhood



The composer is still there, but holds another name.

What is not in his nature, he cannot offer

And I remain overfed by this ocean of infinite deceitful flattery

Almost drowning

For the heart desires truthfulness.



Our heart. A compass to homeland

Recording its euphonious beat. Absorbing  its fine lyrics

Is not each second, the end and the beginning?

O my sonnet

I am alive again. I am aware of it

For I Love

For I suffer.


20 thoughts on “A Compass To Homeland

  1. My favorite lines by you:

    And I remain overfed by this ocean of infinite deceitful flattery

    Almost drowning

    For the heart desires truthfulness.

    Such a powerful imagery of words and art. You sir are my hero. 🙂

    Thank you for you always being you.

    P.S Got a new poem. Check it out when you get a chance. Love to hear your input. 🙂


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