Creatures made in Liako’s Home


We took the color of the Sun.

Three sunsets, what we are

Naked, drinking the colorful sea

Diving, exploring, breathing

Getting drunk with all there is to see.



Placement – Make sure, your hands are steady.




Fully booked! Sold out..Now, close your eyes and enjoy the show




In my dreamland,

I am not a pawn. I am not alone

I harvest the waves, in search of the wishbone 

Marching against all odds 

One step at a time

Connecting with the Gods.

(Just don’t wake me up)




Touch my body and open your mouth.

Sharing stories, outside the comfort zone

Two seashells in outer space

Never wishing to return

Back in the salty wave.




A collaboration with my Friend Dora. She wrote an amazing poem and that line ”My Shame Rides On My Breath” just screamed my name, demanding an illustration..what a spoiled little line, that is! I had to obey, nonetheless. And I am more than happy I did .






22 thoughts on “Creatures made in Liako’s Home

  1. The poem and your illustration is both amazing and a genius work of two great and purely wonderful talents. 🙂

    As I’m reading the poem and soaking myself inside your work of art and exploring the artistic world of all imagination and creative world of beauty. 🙂

    Excellent work you two. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. meow! so fucking excited you re there..actually the first drawing is Gavdos at sunset time (point of view captured: at the very beginning of agios ioannnis beach, right next to the ocean, on top of the rocks of the sea and the sand dunes- can you see me now?)


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