Drawings 1/4

Here is a Self portrait




I seriously, have forgotten my password, for a moment, in my wordpress account and I am struggling to publish these little creatures I drew while being on the island…. Oh, yes, I saw many cats in Syros



And I tried to keep up with my Yoga flow in Gavdos (I said I tried!)






I witnessed some beautiful sunsets (that almost made me cry) and some magnificent sunrises (that, again, almost made me cry). A wonderful collaboration between Sun and Moon, Dawn and Dusk, Sea and Forest



They were a few statues as well, moving statues I should say. They played wonderful music and had great stories to share

a statue with a heart

I would like to thank all of you, wonderful spirits that contacted me, one way or another, to see if I am OK. I am more than OK actually, I wish/hope the same for you. I believe we will all meet at some point (if we haven’t met already) and maybe draw, write, eat an ice cream, whatever. Lastly, I need (this is such a bad word, but you know what I mean) Β to pay attention to your posts, this is such a pleasure and inspiration for me. I ll do it, when I feel ready to sit in front of the screen once again…(what’s wrong with me?)

Will be away tomorrow, for a couple of weeks, as I will be heading somewhere else. Whatever you do, be wild, be kind!



9 thoughts on “Drawings 1/4

  1. Ah, color in my world again! I fretted about you and have wanted to write many times, but I had the instinctive feeling you were just somewhere doing what you love, creating beautiful art — and I was right! Missed you very much, little black cat — and Claudio now wants a vacation in Syros — and I *love* the self-portrait! I’m so glad you showed all of these in their natural state.

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    1. i thought about you as well, little Sunshine!Claudio would be extremely busy socializing with so many cats back in Syros -i think at the end he would preferred his own peace back home, as he gives me the impression that he is a Zen Master!

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  2. Hello!

    AMAZING colors! It’s so nice to see your little creatures 😊. Enjoy your little adventure, grow relationship, show love and kindness. Be a child and be free 😊 Love

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