Embracing The Cosmic Sea



I trust the darkness of the cosmic sea

This rain to clean the trauma.

The shock that follows a shadow tree

A burnt offering of vengeful karma.

Release what you have kept within

Prepare for boundless blinking

You and I shall end up with a have been

Dying without thinking.


A death unknown to us

A death uninvestigated

Like missing the morning bus

Time of departure not estimated.

A death of all agony

A death of all fear

Diminished  sentiments, a heart in atrophy

We  finally see clear.

For this death is the greatest narcotic

Our love and trust and nothing more

The freedom of two stray souls so erotic.


I shall offer you spring’s last rose

If, only, you take off that nyctophiliac dress

Gaining courage while being in warrior pose

Now, there are myriad beliefs to confess

You and I are nothing but a dream within a dream

Never reality.

Surrendering in the illusion of our scream

Uniting over the waves of sensuality.

You and I have only been elusive memories

An anamnesis of a losing mind

O The darkness

Lyrical and haunting

It’s swallowing everything…


Everything you seek to find

Is already within you

Mysticism, one of a kind

This routine of life never has been so true.

Everything you are wishing to be

You already are

Stop blinking. Become aware and see

We are reaching over our burning star.


Celebrate your nightmare

For the sake of reaching me

And do swear

To trust

The darkness of the cosmic sea

This death that heals the trauma



23 thoughts on “Embracing The Cosmic Sea

    1. i m glad you liked the artwork part..i, on the other hand, was struggling as i couldnt take out on paper the specific image i had in mind for those words..so i kinda compromised..(i hate when that happens)

      hope everything is good on your side of the world charlie!


    1. my pleasure. thank YOU. universe has brought you here..i checked your blog..very interesting, i see you used jodorowsky’s holy mountain scene for your banner..one of my favorite movies..definitely a ”follow” will shall follow as we speak!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. hey! thanks for this comment and glad you liked. your comment was in my spam folder for some reason..i just saw this..i will be checking your third article soon then!
      have a great start here in wordpress. have a great day/night. thank you

      Liked by 1 person

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