Music above All


Please if you watch this video make sure it is HD quality

One of my alter egos is starting a youtube channel, and even though I had my doubts letting my drawings be used this way I am very pleased with the choice of this tune and John’s composition (especially after 3.21). Main reason being is, that I always believed that most of my illustrations cannot stand without my words and vice versa. However, I was proved wrong (fuck yeah!) and it is so interesting to see them take a form of their own, transforming into something new. I guess they don’t need me no more. How liberating! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (Well, you don’t have to, to be honest..ahahah)

That’s it for now…I am off to the dentist (ouch!)

Love and music to all


49 thoughts on “Music above All

  1. Superb together! Illustrations on their own contain the seed of the story; that’s why it works. Hope you’re treating yourself to something sweet after the dentist (I always do that; I feel I deserve it!)

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    1. dearest sunshine of all, thank you!
      well i cant hold it, i have to say…
      are you crazy?? (i know you have a weirdness, otherwise i wouldn’t like you this much) but …erm..
      sweet after the dentist?! ahahaha

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    1. cheers bonofido (aka Victor)! at some point i would love to collaborate with you..i m thinking a comic or something like that (you, making the artwork ofcourse) it could have been worse, i suppose, regarding the dentist

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      1. i m trying to find you contact info over your the moment i cannot. however, when ideas start to flow through you, press my contact page and email me!!meow meow


  2. I, always, considered most of your artworks suitable for psy-party flyers/festivals or covers for books and CD (They don’t make albums, nowadays, do they?). It’s great to see your illustrations without your words -as you claim. They, really, do work very well with music AND how awesome is it to say, that I have two of your drawings, featuring in this video, at my house. Bless you Geo and keep it up!

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    1. you re a great mind Alex..yet so humble and afraid to admit it (or you already know it and you dont care..ahah) i am honored that you have two of my little creatures at your place.seriously man!


      1. Ukulele. It’s smaller than a guitar (although guitar and/or violin would have been my first choice). Thanks again for your posts. I look forward to reading and contemplating one each day!

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    1. i smile and my teeth are (finally fixed)
      i am short of money though now
      but i smile
      summer is almost around the corner
      and soon will be heading to the magic island
      now the only thing left for you is to book that damn ticket!
      swim swim swim little Meredith!!

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