Ghosts creating – A collaboration with Emma Lou



all blood oratory, our memory of the earth talks, prints our life under the sun & we ate morning things, grape leaves, humor aspirin, light articulation; it made me remember the palms of my hands in the place we took the wishbone, something joyous in the night light of thought breathing  that day a truth trembling in the vastness of our own small beings.

(Emma Lou Collier)

Emma Lou is a very peculiar and surreal friend of mine (ha!) . She goes by many names, but today I’ll stick with Emma Lou Collier ( oh very formal, yes yes). We have been collaborating with Emma in various ways, since the summer of 2009 when I had the pleasure to meet her, for the first time.

I admire her writings (not only) and it is awesome that we have collaborated here in WordPress too… This is one of the writings I chose for the illustration, however there are plenty of  her surreal writings, here  :

Thank you and much love!





21 thoughts on “Ghosts creating – A collaboration with Emma Lou

      1. assuming you re talking about the black cat…hm, yes he is very friendly. this is who i want to be when i grow up! ahh, you have to come here in order to show you whats inside the magic box..i cannot tell!or maybe i can carry it next time i visit budapest..shall we meet in Szimpla Kert?

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  1. It’s beautiful Geo – I liked the excerpt you chose to work with, inspiring and surreal. May I say that your drawing is a little bit Greek to me? Sun, grapes, statues, goddess… Hehehe I love it!

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    1. yes this is one of my favorite was hard to decide but when i read it the image came instantly on my mind (you know how it works)
      haha! maybe it was subconsciously meant to be a little greek, as emma left the states cause she fell in love with greece, and has been living here ever since
      thanks Alex


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