Rearranging Archives – A Tribute to Vulnerability



Digging up the archives

A worthy kleptomaniac will be revealed

Devouring the hippocampus

Danger nonexistent

You forgot the password?

Please try again.


Crashing down the built-in alarm system

Such vulnerability

Memories are drowned into the sea of oblivion

A captain of an abandoned ship

Sailing through the savaged waters of trillions of nerve fibers

Of tears and laughter,

Of hate and love,

Of pain and hedonism,

Of sentiments uncharted.


Engage, breathe, and obey

Play, feel, and obey

Fear, trust and obey

Alas, you think it’s only you.

A red scratch on your blue veins

What I, used to be

Itching you all the way.

The pills in your head

What I, used to be

Tearing away your uniqueness.


Take all, leave nothing

Empty the hard drive.

Cut down all my eternal trees

Dry out my fountain

Dirty water, no profit will come out of it.

Transfer everything into a Swiss account

No questions asked

And sell out

Self-awareness and anamnesis

On the black market

Mind the interest rate.

You cunning gangster

I hope it’s worth it

There is nobody for me, now

It never has been, since the beginning of Screaming

Deleting all conversations, there shall, only, be Silence.


Now, burn the only photo I carry

To remind me of whom I am,

The heart

And you know, this is such a burden to carry

Burn it, with all its scars.

I am vulnerable,

Notorious thief


You think it’s only me



41 thoughts on “Rearranging Archives – A Tribute to Vulnerability

  1. So, its been three weeks now, my ass is still freezing. Winter is here yet to stay…Hence, the snowman (an excellent collaborator for today’s post – he was quite yet efficient). I have, also, attached two little drawings, I made in the office, with a work colleague of mine. I found another drawing friend, so we pretend to be very busy with paperwork, while, in fact, what we do, is draw…please don’t judge me…ahahaha

    Have a good week!

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    1. Hey if anyone calls you on it, tell them it’s “teambuilding”! ^_^ Button up your overcoat and build a fire in your heart, little cat; winter can’t last forever…

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      1. Wonderful poem, dear Geo; I’m so happy I brought to mind! And that is an office environment to be thankful for; we need more bosses like that!

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      1. come krizsta! come, i am preparing colors and sketch books, i even have oil pastels for you..ahaha

        ps. i am aware your name is spelled kriszta but i changed it a bit cause if you add an S at the end then you’ll have krizSTAR..aha a star!

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    2. You are always suprising me Geo! A Star, oh it is nice! I would love to here your voice calling me Krizsta:) You give me pastels, and I would give you hungarian lessons, Szép estét barátom!

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    3. Yes I forgot my password, again… I love your little sneak peek of your work in progress at the end of your posts. And I absolutely love that you are drawing at work, no judgement here. If you only knew the stuff I did at work to keep creative. Keep drawing and writing!

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    1. i will rephrase that a bit and say
      as a ghost (which i believe i am-but not only)
      i dont feel the need to be anyone in particular..however, why do i struggle to be someone, some days, i really dont know
      loved your comment, kindred spirit!


  2. I’ve been dealing with snow for 2 days
    I finally had to pay someone to help me dig out
    I’m too old for this…..
    As always your art work is beautiful
    You have a style and a way with color
    That’s all your own
    It’s your signature

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    1. boom boom boom!!!!
      i was checking out the weather in Manila a few hours ago…tomorrow 30 degrees Celsius..fuck me!
      go have a swim for me please , i am just sick and tired of how many clothes i have to wear these days.

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  3. Geo! How I have long awaited your next poem.
    One of my favorite poems of yours.

    You and I, and I’ve said this before share a touch of inspiration and respect for the surrealism world of visuals and imagination.

    Love it! love it! so much. 🙂

    As I was reading this…for some odd reason this song popped into my head. Please have a listen:

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