Once upon a time


Once upon a time there was

You and me

A summer night chillage

You, gloomy and mellow as a moon

I, a harmless tongued lizard


Is this a fairytale?

In that case,

Who is the storyteller and who, the listener?

The moon walks by the stoned backyard

Chatting with the dragon lizard

Nothing but thoughts, what we are

Dreams of someone else’s dreams

And at the end…

Will you become one

With the propagandist

The sinner

Or the spy?


The propagandist will offer manipulation

The sinner, hedonism

And the spy, information


The moon lights up another one

A flame much brighter than her own

The dragon lizard lifts a champagne glass

Time for him, to talk

Nothing but a reflection, what we see

A false god is being worshipped

Like dolphins chanting the song of the Sea

While, being bombarded by a warship


The propagandist will offer you blackness

The sinner, guilt

And the spy, access


Time to choose characters

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

Who is the fairest of them all?

Nothing but a field of molecules, our bodies

Nothing but a field of thoughts, our minds

It was that raw kiss

Between the beauty and the beast

That led, the night, to sleep


As stars shine through our eyes

As time wrinkles

As lips unite

As our breaths are squeezed in oceanic combat

With such refinement and sensitivity

We shall follow the path

Up to the cottage of our laughter

All, for a love we both had avoided

For a love we never had the chance to explore


If not now, when?


19 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. My favorite lines of yours:

    Nothing but thoughts, what we are

    Dreams of someone else’s dreams

    True, what if we are someone else is dreams but our dreams aren’t our dreams at all. What if the insects of our planet are dreaming us? but if that we’re true then why are we walking, tasting, & feeling? Could it be that these insects have given us personality that we believe everything to be real but just a dream of our reality?

    Mind bending isn’t it? I love this poem so much….you have no idea how much. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fellow dude, you have raised such intriguing issues that i am not willing to discuss over here. this is a chat we both need to have whilst siting in a bar drinking whiskey! come over here and i ll buy you a drink or two (if you dont drink there is always some fresh juice around!)
      and then we ‘ll go to a concert

      Liked by 1 person

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