Breaking the circle



I speak of births devoted to the ethereal light

Of a tranquil dawn,

Ascending from the ocean’s womb.

And when they flow, they flow like streams

Transporting seashells and corals

Up in the highest peak

Where they long to be.

I speak of births devoted to the ethereal light…


I speak of lives addicted to the celestial light

Of a serene dusk,

Deriving from apocryphal temples

Hidden, deep into the wastelands.

And when they blow, they blow like the wind

Transferring legends and folklore art

Throughout the neighborhood.

I speak of lives addicted to the celestial light…


I speak of deaths given to the phosphorescent light

Of transcendent love,

Rising from the stardust ghetto.

And when they fly, they fly with a balloon

In search of Polyamory

Amidst aerial shadows with long hair.

I speak of deaths given to the phosphorescent light…


But now, when lips are sealed

And the mouth is silent

Peaceful within me,

Disengaging Speech

In the arms of Sleep

Come my fellow mountains

Come my fellow tidal waves

I speak of silence

And I shall, listen

And I shall be released.




36 thoughts on “Breaking the circle

  1. how can it be otherwise?
    that lives and loves
    crash on many shores
    and break in tenderness
    and rage in passion
    and sleep in silence
    dreaming dreaming dreaming
    of birth death and rebirth
    again and again and again

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  2. I just love that balloon, Geo! Did you use the chalk for the shimmering in the waves? I think the waves and the mountains flow into each other really well. A very uplifting poem, feel like I got a boost, so to speak. This artwork made me think of silk screen prints. Have you ever tried that?

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    1. thanks Victor! the balloon didn’t come up the way i had it on my mind, and its a bit frustrating but i am more than happy that you like it. Yes chalk for shimmering the waves and a bit of colored pencils on top of it to give a more specific shape, my fingers still ache..ahaha
      . will be checking silk screen prints-i have no idea, i m curious now…


  3. How interesting to get to know you through your poems comrade! Well, I believe we do have many things in common, hence the connection I feel. Apart from both being cats, there is another word up there who struck a chord. I am not saying which one… Ha ha ha. Nice drawing too!

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    1. ah it is always my pleasure, you have to know krizsta! you always go for the drawing analysis,and most of the time you have it right. there is enough room in the balloon,.hop on and lets fly over the Danube! i thank you

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      1. Honestly I can not translate every word what you are writting in english, so I try to understand you through your drawings, they are my dictionary to your speak of silence:)

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      2. i am honored you do that and not using crappy translators like google. i am sure you get more messages this way. besides,i said it before,my words cannot stand without colors and drawings cannot stand without the words

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  4. I am not certain about other areas, but your Vishuddha chakra is, certainly, activated: Expression Centre, Communication, Inner Voice, Speaking from Truth, Expression of Creativity. Somehow, you manage to balance it, successfully. You scream Honesty, Geo! You’ll be an excellent Yogi one day (- I know you hate that word!)

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    1. well Alex, lets just hope your Ajna chakra is activated and your intuition tells you right about me!
      oh i am just messing with you, i thank you kindly for these words..i am speechless, i speak of silence, i am not a yogi


  5. Reblogged this on Jeni McMillan and commented:
    Often I am moved to poetry by the words and images of geokalpataru. A spontaneous eruption across time and space…

    how can it be otherwise?
    that lives and loves
    crash on many shores
    and break in tenderness
    and rage in passion
    and sleep in silence
    dreaming dreaming dreaming
    of birth death and rebirth
    again and again and again.


  6. The reality of the other
    Is not in what they reveal
    But in what they can’t tell you…
    If you want to see it,
    Don’t listen
    To the words they say
    But to those that they can’t tell you…
    The silence in us is what is TRUE.

    Bow! 🙂

    Happy Sunday to you and all!

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  7. Hi G.K, nice to see your process, materials used. Always curious on the artists inspiration and what moved them to create or write a particular work of art, especially this one. You don’t have to share if you don’t want.. Happy Creating!

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    1. thanks jennifer..i am still working on how to present the work and stuff, its not a long time ago , i started exposing the early steps of sketches and my collaborators, and i find it very enjoyable and more intimate..however when i start drawing i withdrawn and i cannot stop the process and take photos of each step(however my goal is to do that as well at some point)..i feel i am meditating at that moment-i am sure you understand what i mean..i know you do!

      now what moved me to create this? i really dont know..there are times i have an image in my mind and i do a drawing and after the drawing i am writing a poem (although to be honest i feel like these are not poems really) and there are other times i write something and then i draw, in relation to the writing..for instance, i wrote this a few days ago at work when i was really bored (but i guess subconsciously my mind is working its own ways)

      ofcourse i get inspired by people and circumstances but those take a while to digest and may flourish days/months/years after

      sorry for the long reply

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      1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Im always interested to find out what makes other artists tick. Yes I feel the same way when creating, its focus, mediative. I had a job that was boring as well and if I were creating humor & chaos at work with my coworkers I was thinking of creative stuff to do. Keep dreaming Geo, keep creating.. I enjoy your work!


    1. isyllis, thanks, much worries you re welcome to miss all of my posts as long as you re travelling! as long as you travel for leizure/exploration/adventure/peacefulness then you re excused..ahahah!
      you must have been travelling through India ..lucky you

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