Our Temple


A genuine welcome

To yet another

Internal  fence

Separating heart from brain.

Feed the body with architecture

Solid cement.

A new clown is in town:

City blocks for miles and miles

A thriving metropolis

Connecting the liver with the spine.

Drunk driving through the Pancreas avenue

That whiskey had too much blood

Drunk on Life.

What an eccentric sculpture

Unless one stares closer

Pay attention to all details

Can you see me now?

I crossed the line



Thousands of construction workers

Imported from the slums of northern Kidney

A few more, travelled from the favelas of central Stomach.

Modern slavery hides behind two words:

Business competitiveness.

Feed this avidly body with more cement

The mayor feels the need to protect

Our temple.

Build more fences please.

Civil wars, famine, and terrorism

Manipulation is so gentle.

What a strange statue

Until one inspects, savagely, closer

Can you see me now?

You crossed the line



An ancient family of trees is rooting

Deep into the green, forgotten, valley of the Diaphragm

Controlling the source of life:

Oxygen served with freshly cooked wildlife

Sending signals down the spine

Creating a mass wave of refugees

Moving towards the sun.

Blow up the fences. Please

Let everyone pass.

This body cannot hold war inside

What a perfect ruin

Until one examines closely

Can you see us now?

We crossed the line.

For we have failed to see

We are the refugees

Trapped in the same body

A body that bleeds.

Internal organs crashing down.

System error


But the heart still beats,

The shaman’s chant:

One breath for love

One breath for kindness

One breath for hope

One breath to let go of madness.

One breath for acceptance

One breath for togetherness

One breath to be the entrance

One breath for tenderness.

One breath for union

One breath for ecstasy

One breath is all, we ever need.

We crossed the line. Somehow.




23 thoughts on “Our Temple

  1. Geo, I begin to be fascinated by your latest illustrations. You seem to have found a style of your own. I, absolutely, love this one. Excellent!
    Alan Watts vs Terence Mckenna?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Beautiful! A meditation in the inner white moon circle, followed by music energizing the bands members…feeling the flow of the universe and its constant messages of goodness and blessness.

        She has a graceful voice with pure honesty. I love this video and song.

        Thank you my friend for sending me this.

        P.S I got a new poem if you want to check it out. I think you’ll like this one or get a kick out of it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. why thank you so much for your comment cause it gave me the chance to discover your treasures! great visual poetry you have in your nest-i will be following via email
      and since your avatar goes by the name of OT – allow me to add another T at the end and send you one of my favorite tracks


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