To selfie or not to selfie…


Smell of a rotten rat

Your facial expression.

Body lying on a mat,

Covered with insecurities.

Eyesight depicting perverted narcissism

All carefully placed and directed

For that perfect photo, of pure fascism.

You are trash.

11.000 clicks. You made it.

You are perfect.

Just woke up, with your messy- chic hair

Oh and your puppy eyes

Hold a cup of black coffee

Indulge your self

And swallow the drug: have a selfie.

Don’t be scared. You’ll get high

(Beware its highly addictive.)

Run little man, run

There is still a chance


Hair straight from the beauty salon

Skin lightly tanned on a cosmopolitan beach

Holding hands with your loved one, at dawn

Smiling but, hey, you are both kitsch.

Make up on, wrinkles off

Tight bikinis and fashion poses

Every poor soul can, now, jerk off.

Urban spaces, leather boots

Cocktails, veggie plates and cup cakes.

A three hour, nature gateway in the Great Lakes

You couldn’t last longer anyways.

How, on earth, will you charge your iphone?

You are trash.

11.000 clicks. Don’t forget to smile

You are perfect.

You’re out with your best friend

Indulge your self

Have a selfie and get high

Run little woman run

There is still a chance.


Tongues and feet are touching

Half naked poses on bed

Both hiding this vast Nothing

You forgot that last night your lonesomeness bled.

The unbearable torture of showing to everyone

You are in love

Well guess what

You are not.

You just wish you were.

Kissing in front of a waterfall

Hugging beside an ancient temple

Overlooking the sunset

Having, at last, the gateway you both craved for.

If only your eyes were looking straight up to each other

And not swallowed by a screen.

You are trash.

11.000 clicks. Now show me you’re both in love.

You are perfect.

You just had amazing sex

Share it with everyone

Treat yourselves with a selfie

And you’ll get high. Promise.

Run little lovers run

There is still a chance.



note: this is actually not a poem, I just had my usual walk today and I felt disgusted by what I had witnessed. So I came back home and I wrote down my thoughts, and then I drew something that I feel doesn’t match that much either ,but hey, I felt the need to finish it and get it out of my system…People actually are one with their phone. They look at the sunset only to take a photo of it. They look at each other only to smile and take a snapshot.  You don’t know where their body ends and where their gadgets start.



33 thoughts on “To selfie or not to selfie…

  1. today i don’t feel i made a suitable drawing, i guess my mind was elsewhere plus i was stuck looking at this sketch for , i don’t even know for how long, until i decide what to do with it. Anyway, wishing everybody a beautiful week, now send me some selfies..ahaha!

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  2. The best thing I’ve ever read. Love what you said.

    You and I share the same thing about humans using selfies.
    Do they ever bother telling themselves to enjoy the moment of a sunset? a breath of fresh air? contemplate? read a book? feeling the spark of water?

    There too distracted and too depended on their toys. Behavior plays a typical world for these humans.

    Excellent drawing and a genius poem. Love it!

    P.S I posted a new poem…sort of on the same topic as yours…but a lot different. It won’t make sense but as you read the comments afterwards you’ll get an idea of what the poem means. It’s out there I’ll tell you that. 🙂


  3. Fellow comrade cat, I loved the drawing and it does match if that is,what you worry about. Well, if you insist, here is my selfie, describing perfectly your lines ”Just woke up, with your messy- chic hair
    Oh and your puppy eyes”

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    1. dude, hahaha…you know the first one who sent me a cat selfie was my boho wordpress brother Slayer..shame he is not here anymore, you would love him. Oh yeah, definitely i see your messy chic hair, but where is the coffee?!meow meow

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  4. You know how I feel about this. (And being a resident of a famous Great Lakes region, you know what line I loved!) How to teach others to listen to the voice that says “No, I am being controlled; this impulse is not mine; this act is a step in someone else’s insidious choreography”… Dear Geo, I don’t know, but I’m working on it.

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    1. yes i do Sunshine. i didn’t know you where a resident of the Great Lakes region, what a nice surprise! so yeah i can imagine which line you is not up to us to teach anyone, anything really. I have dear friends who wake up and instantly check their smartphones (my brother does that also). I am one in a few in my circle that still doesn’t own one (although sometimes they tend to be very useful, damn them!), sometimes i feel like an alien but deep inside i know there are many many people who refuse to follow this trend.
      lastly i loved ”insidious choreography”!

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  5. Loved it. Though I’m really happy that, although I am now the not-proud owner of a smartphone, I have only taken less than ten selfies – mostly to see how it works…
    I do wonder where this world is going, though…

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    1. ”I do wonder where this world is going, though…”
      my schizophrenic personality would say that the world is a shitty place and most humans dive into the sea of oblivion.. but hey, its winter so that says it all
      ask me again in late spring-early summer and i will tell you that the world is a fuckin awesome place!
      now do send me your selfies to see if you did well 😀 😀


  6. They are jumping out from a broken mirror of their real life to get more fake love in the valley of nowhere. I have taken some selfies too, and then photoshopped them 😀

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    1. yes i couldn’t agree more, i loved the ‘valley of nowhere”..
      oh i am sure you took many selfies up in the mountain skiing i right? (i know i am) ahahaha
      but can you please explain me why did you feel the need to photoshop them? why?
      i assume you re back in excuses now..find some time to draw something!

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