Bizarre manifestations seem to fill

This breezeless afternoon.

Each breath is an engagement

Between the blue moon and the black moon.

An unconscious arrangement

Of scandalous sirens mastering the chaos of



Multicolored tails flirting with morality

As Self-admiration evolves into

An assassinator of immortality

Executing  one little self, after another.

Death of ego: Get in line and enjoy.


Each breath is a birth

Of unfamiliar faces regurgitating anomalous words

Such realization seems to help the heart beat

Whilst, getting rid of parasitic habits of clashing worlds.



Each breath echoes the sounds of an Amazon’s night

Beaming, impassive frogs squatting in starlit darkness

Transferring melodies, exchanging ideas,

That I no longer need to fight

Besides, I am armless.


Each breath is a constant rhythmic wave

Within this mute and dusty cave

That penetrates the larynx

Giving birth to self expression

Herein, even the atheist is contaminated with a religious infection.


Each breath is an alarm clock

Tick tock

Tick tock

Who is alarming who?

Must be that wild-goat who got away from the flock.

Tick tock

Tick tock

Ready or not

It will explode

Awakening the sleeping body

Awakening the sleeping soul.



31 thoughts on “awakening

  1. the beginning of a confusing post as I started it with joy and i finished it with sadness. That is life. Unpredictable. I would like to dedicate this post to a fellow collaborator for me here, a beautiful cat named ζαμπόν. You know little buddy that all cats go to heaven. Much Love. Meow!

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  2. No! I was just commenting on your previous post by saying my favorite line from The Fountain ”Death is the road to awe”, and then I read this about ζαμπόν. No! So sorry for this dear brother. Well, at least the little cat has a beautiful and powerful post for his remembrance. Love

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  3. Beautiful illustration Geo and inspiring words as you always do!
    Love the contrast between the black background and the other elements, very powerful!
    How do you fill it up? Pastels?
    So Sorry about your cat, big hug.

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    1. i always prefer vivid black backgrounds cause, as you say, i love the contrast with the rest of the colors. just so you know when i don’t use black background it means i run out of black ink or markers haha.

      there are also some wonderful sketch books i ve found in my local art shop but they cost(a lot), that could save me tremendous amount of time, cause you know this drawing or similar drawings like this one , take ages to finish..
      the white dots are made with a UNI-POSCA PC-1M PAINT (i suggest you to try these markers in general ”posca” i love them and can really do miracles-expensive though) the rest is filled with a mixture of fabercastell color pencils, promarkers, tombow abt markers and some intense colored chalks.
      sometimes i just repaint twice and as i said it needs patience and a sort of meditation attitude when drawing-especially the circle dots

      lastly, i hope everything is well back in london and happy blog anniversary! will visit your nest soon, i love cabezanube!

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      1. hm..i am replying to my own weird..ahaha..forgot to say this
        ”there are also some wonderful sketch books” WITH a black background, already..i hope now it makes sense


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