Deep into the forest


Everything is still the same

Incapable of knowing, what to feel

Clearly, swimming in the sea of Shame

Becoming, a Medusa’s favorite meal.


Everyone is still the same

Incapable of saying, what they truly mean

And I am carrying your pain

Stuffed it all, in a plastic bag

I don’t know what to do with it.


Everywhere is becoming the same

Incapable of recognizing the centre of the cosmos

I am just dancing with the ghost, I became

My heart is walking on my chest

I don’t know if I, ever, win this rat race.


Every me is still the same

Nothing to admire over here, lover of the flesh.

So please, go and rape another ego

Just wasting your time

Why don’t you do it right?

I am a skeleton with long hair

And I often cry

Confused and faced with dilemmas

Are you willing to investigate my complications?



Man, you know

All virtues are floating in the air.

Dressed as expensive whores, available only for the corrupted elite

Who said it was, ever, fair?

So you know it man,

I’ll probably fuck them all for free, and just leave the morning after

And I don’t, know where the exit is.

Being incapable of receiving love, I am fearless.


Every you is still the same

A broken mirror reflecting my potential.

As the sun rays penetrate my tree

My psyche becomes essential

Going up and down, left and right, round and round.

Stay away from me and never come back

You are only causing me nausea and I will attack


I am entering, deeply, into the forest

Taking off my disguise.

I can now see it with my own eyes:

Dirty feet and naked truths

Plants and bugs, my only food

Screaming and laughing with tears

Scaring away, colorful birds and all those years.

Sharpening my claws, ready to go hunting

Removing all fears

Oh no, nothing is still the same

Oh no, nothing is still the same


25 thoughts on “Deep into the forest

    1. Victor (aka Bonofido!) i just didn’t realize how time passed by while doing re right. Ah the windows, yes i am glad you like it cause the different colored light was made by a mistake(taking the wrong marker on my hand ahaha)Hope all is good over there. cheers


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