Gratitude and Love



Posting from another computer, that does not belong to you, is way too much hassle, especially, if you cannot crop and select the way you want and change the font of each drawing-I have an issue with my handwriting (Well, I have lots of issues, but let’s stick to that one for now!). Not to mention the unsatisfactory result of the photo’s lighting and coloring due to an archaic photo camera and some heavy cloudiness in the sky  .Why do I feel the need to excuse my self?

These two drawings (oh, there is another one, but it’s on its way to Australia to meet lovely Jeni McMillan, so posting it here, will ruin the surprise, whoops!) were made in one of my secret sanctuaries, I happen to visit once a year (usually, in October) up in the wild mountains of Meteora region, in central Greece. There is a tiny house in the valleys and since it was mid October the fireplace was in constant use

So, it is November time. A year ago, I created this blog! In order to celebrate, anyone who wish to have one of these drawings, pictured above, can leave me their address, and I will happily send it to your nest. You can contact me through email ( see my contact page) or you can claim your drawing by commenting which one you prefer (if any, that is), or you can even send me subconscious cosmic signs, brainwash me or whatever.

Please note, there are only two of them. It’s only fair, to claim only one, so another person (or creature) can have the other.Drawings are much brighter in real life, I am only saying this, because it is impossible to see the title of the first drawing, which is We are the Mountains. closeu


A warm hug to anyone who leave their trace in this nest, for your support (conscious but mostly subconscious), interaction, inspiration, connection and friendship- Yes, friendship.

I (fucking) Love You

and Meow!


33 thoughts on “Gratitude and Love

  1. What is (fucking) better than to love and be loved? Happy first anniversary, dear Geo! You will have many “Good Friends” who love that painting as much as I do, but if I’m the lucky first, I’ll send my address! =^..^=

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    1. querida Sunshine! i love your parents for naming you like that. it was a pleasure to read your interview and so happy to connect with you, as i was also listening to Beirut when i was feeling down, a few years ago..You are absolutely right:there is nothing better than to love and be loved..i received an email before your comment but Mr Alex Kagan wished to have the first drawing ”We are the mountains”. so with such great pleasure i would like you to send me your address if you’d like through email and ”good friends” will unite with you and Claudio..Thank you for this. Truly!

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      1. Wonderful! (And I think Beirut must speak to a certain kind of soul at a certain kind of time; how lovely to share that experience…) I’ll be in touch!

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  2. I am assuming it is quite late to claim a drawing. No problem! I will be happy to receive the ”Unfulfilled Desire” drawing. It will be just lovely, plus you already have my address 😉 . So very happy, you created your blog Geo. ❤

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    1. elizabeth! thank you for all the love and support. ‘unfulfilled desire’ comes along with a poem. it cannot exist without it, so i am unable to separate the two.. you can choose a drawing (in the Drawings category) and if i have it, i will happily send it to you. Much love

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  3. Kalpataru! It is obvious another cat lover claimed the one I want. Let it be. It is only fair. We cats are exquisite and much in request, like your drawings ( I am such a suck-up…Will this affect your judgement, Dearest Cat of ALL?). Well to be honest, I would be happy receiving any one you like (Padmasana and A Little Bit Higher, to name a few) mew to you!

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    1. why thank you sir!
      can you explain me why you named your blog this way? every time i see Charliezero1wordpress, two things come in my head
      1. ‘charlie big potato’ by Skunk Anansie and coke
      2. ‘zero’ by smashing pumpkings
      i guess i am wrong so i wanna know the story(if any), whenever you feel like it. 😀

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      1. Yes.

        The name ‘Charlie Zero’ comes from two entities:

        ‘Charlie’ being Charles Darwin/Natural Selection.

        ‘Zero’ being invented by the Babylonians. Also, ‘Zero’ being the age of zero’s and one’s. That’s where zero1 comes into play.

        We all live in the age of technology as zero’s and one’s.

        Hope this makes a lot of sense now. I’ve had this name since 2006. It has been given to me by my self-awareness of consciousness. 🙂

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      2. oh boy, i sound so dull..wonderful meaning behind the name. thanks for solving the mystery, now i can vanish those images from my head and create the true meaning behind it.
        yes i am reading your poem right NOW. however, with your poems i always feel the need to come back and read them more than can interpret them in too many ways. fuckin love it!


  4. I can smell the wood smoke, lovely geo! I am reminded of the story of a stray cat in Athens who left beautiful drawings to be claimed or destroyed, at the whim of passers-by. What a brave and beautiful cat. You know, you remind me of him 🙂

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    1. i am laughing with your comment know why? well, i am too reminded of your face when you heard of this were shocked, and i was wondering why..i try to keep in mind,always,(although sometimes i do being carried away) that nothing belongs to me, not even myself. so grateful for our connection. Αγάπη!

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  5. Don’t tell me Anathema was playing on the background when you’re preparing this post… haha! I’m just messin’ with you, Geo.. 🙂 I came to greet you, a happy 1st year to your nest/sanctuary! Thank you for sharing your words and colors, for the inspiration and connection! Fuck your third eye!

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  6. well as the title says, i have nothing but gratitude and love for your comment Diwata. Haha i told you anathema was my masochistic teenage years.. i was listening to that when posting

    kiss and hug
    oh and fuck your third eye!

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  7. I agree with Sheldon, your beautiful work is your foot print! The title of the first post that you have liked on my blog was ‘Footprint’:) I am smiling now…, thank you Geo!

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