Between Dream and Reality


My dream is an Icelandic iceberg

Shielded by Lava.

My dream: Eternal, Restless Desire.

Keeping it, undamaged

Preserving its continuity

At minus 18 degrees Celsius.


My dream is an Icelandic iceberg.

Almost inconceivably, a 2 percent is above the surface

Rest of it, remains hidden.

Covered by deep dark blue

Crystal clear ocean.

Chilling in the abyss, guided by Arctic whales and sea lions

Dancing in harmonic motion.


My dream,

Will you remain safe and hidden?

Will you remain incomplete?

Rise above sea level

Come and greet me and, finally, breathe.


O dream

Alas you’re mine…

For I forgot to confess

I am a Moroccan Sun

A camel is my body

And the dessert is my heart.


Not even Bjork’s voice, can keep you

Still and standing;

I feel you

Ready to be ripped apart.


Noontime and I, am on my peak

Burning heat.

Hugging you, with sun rays

Gently, melting you

Stealing your breath



12 thoughts on “Between Dream and Reality

  1. I feel I am exactly the opposite…My dream is a Saharan dessert and I am an iceberg. What should I do? Any suggestions? 😀


      1. Well, after many years of living a stray cat’s life, I do crave a warm house, a cuddle, and some grilled cooked fish. It’s true Kalpataru…I am, finally, a pet and it’s lovely. There, I confessed. Hahaha. I truly recommend it to you as well. To say that my dream is a tropical rain forest is a thought, I cherish, and will follow me throughout the day! Gracias, hermano!

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    1. thank you for this comment gives me the chance to say that main reason i did this post was to point out exactly the opposite..haha..that dreams also can be overrated..if you don’t keep them alive..i ve noticed myself over these years that my dreams are fading, changing constantly, adapting and transforming..nothing is permanent. what interests me is what is there for us, in that space between dream and reality-i think both are creations of the mind-but that is a whole other story!
      HaveAgoodDay. much love

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      1. Interesting take on the subject. I do believe that dreams pertain to our subconscious giving us messages for our waking hours. We spend our time in a sleep state that brings us back to ourselves no distractions from outside world. It’s just the true self. But I enjoyed what you presented it made thought provoking conversation

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      2. ”We spend our time in a sleep state that brings us back to ourselves no distractions from outside world” so well-written! in that case i wish sweet and enlightening dreams, always


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