Love Rooted in Space



Its roots are everywhere

Its roots are beneath our feet.

Hence, what if I cannot see

I feel.

What if I cannot touch

I fantasize

The If

The What

The Where

The When

The Who.

Undoubtedly, it is your spirit

Oh and the soul

But there is more.


Naughty branches mushrooming, against the hair

Exposing the hidden skull

What will you find?


Nothing but flowers and guitars

Memories, experiences and the occasional


Melodies, rawness and a mysterious actress

Beauty and wilderness, stardust and smoke



Branches creating paths within the Labyrinth

You breathe and I choke.

We are connected

You and I

Protected by the chords of your guitar

Creating a superficial wave of sounds

Foreign to the ear

Orgasmic to the eye.

No other land is suitable for our love to grow

Mother earth is the right place for it to glow.


And I fear not

Since, our love is a tree

Defying gravity.

Two stray ghosts who got caught

Creating the shape and the beat

Endless Whisperings…

Its roots are everywhere

Its roots are beneath our feet.


29 thoughts on “Love Rooted in Space

    1. I use those promarkers, too and is that a Tombow brush? I really like the way your words and drawing work together. The space it leaves your mind to wander between the two. Beautiful and heartfelt!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i cannot really afford them at the moment and i am so happy for having makes everything so much easier but also more exciting. Yes Tombow brush as well (a lovely gift from Jeni), you are observant as well Victor, i see, hm..Please wander between the words and the colors as long as you makes me happy

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Wise words Geo! Yes, one step at the time!
        We are fine thank you but it has been a bit hard time. Life always surprise you with new challenges. This last one has been a big one!!! My husband has an operation everything went well but the recovery needs time so step by step!! It’s always an pleasure to read you!!

        Liked by 1 person

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