Unfulfilled Desire




And I close my eyes

I want that dream, back

To separate me from all these lies.

No, not a fantasy

When our bodies come close for the first time

More like a prophecy

Two windswept rocks shaped by the sea

It is not you and I, anymore

It is We.


Who will make the first move?

Let us not, play that game

I want your kiss

Not true. I desire more:


Yes. We shall end this war

Of diplomacy.



And I open my eyes

I planted a seed, today, of a bizarre variety

I excused myself to the flies

The fruit of Love

‘’It was on sale’’, kind of.

Gaia, will nourish it

And will grow, between us

Deep rooting tree, of Love

Giving fruit, releasing aromas, carrying me to the shore

This is our tree

Yet, you know nothing of it

Everything is still deep

Within me… A coward.

How about a sign?

Give me one, send shivers down my spine.


Look at me

How pathetic, sitting here, writing

Whilst, I should have been there, with you

Right now

Pulling your hair, tasting you, seducing you

If only, you would allow.

Until then,

Time between dawn and dusk

Shall be nothing more than

An unfulfilled desire.


17 thoughts on “Unfulfilled Desire

      1. Well, yes and no… I wasn’t satisfied with my blog, it wasn’t really me. Will come back for sure, eventually. You will not get rid of me easily, hahah!


  1. Wow… This is very “steamy”. The desire is so filling in this unfulfilled desire. 🙂

    Love the art and sketch book journal clues. Really fantastic energies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes, those are the side effects of the tree of love. as for your last comment, i really don’t know. most of the times i feel stupid and ridiculous. wisdom is out of the question, thank you for including it, yourself and harmony, is something i crave in almost anything around me, inside me, beside me. Harmony and wisdom back at you CharlieZero1

      Liked by 1 person

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