You and I, among ocean treasures


When from the darkest bottom of the seabed,

I managed to convince you

To pull out your forgotten, abandoned voice

Then and only then

You accomplished to sing out loud

Your own history, your own journey

I Shuddered.


When from the steep rocky mountain top

I managed to convince you

To break down and smash all the bones, keeping you still and standing

Deep into the green shady valleys

Then and only then

You confirmed your Fear to me

I smiled.


When from the dazzling meadows

I managed to convince you

To cast aside the veil of Morpheus, covering your dreams, your Truth

And stand up

Then, only then

You resurrected

I was relieved.


When you, finally, understood your memories and experiences

Are, in fact, your consciousness,

Dressed  in the costume of nostalgia,

When you finally realized that you, no longer, are the puppet and I

The artist who created the collage

…Uncomfortable silence…


You gathered what remained and everything new that came along

Regaining your strength,

Descending into the breezy ocean

You and your body

Again, one more time

One last time, with awareness.

Transforming each and every cell

Into exotic fish and sea shell

Then and only then

I departed.


24 thoughts on “You and I, among ocean treasures

  1. Geo, you know, I LOVE your writings and drawings! At the end of most of your posts, I wonder, though, what’s the real story, behind it all…I feel this one, is an ending love story, or an inner dialogue? I know you are secretive and there is too much symbolism in your work but do help, us curious souls and give us a sign.. 🙂

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    1. eliza thank you for the much do i owe you? (bare in mind i am unemployed now, please be tender and kind..haha). Most of the posts are a monologue, something between a conversation with me and my other selves or self, i dont you think i am schizophrenic? others are past or present relationships with lovers or friends and a few are from my past psychedelic experiences or societal issues(everyday images and people i witness while walking on the streets) can interpret them any way you wish, in fact they dont belong to me when i post them, they re for everyone else.
      this particular one started as a inner dialogue between the little self and the big self, however back in my head i always had the story about Aylan and his brother and mother who were found dead ashore..
      i have a very intimate and healing relationship with the sea, however this past years(especially this one) i see the ocean transforming into a human cemetery as well, and it makes me sad and helpless..
      i give the finger to EU policies regarding refugees and say a big Fuck off to their hypocricy..for doing practically nothing these last years and only taking action when people are already dead and lost in the sea..–b197lJBKrl
      sorry for the long reply

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      1. Thank you for your time to reply, Geo! Please, you owe me nothing, I think I owe you more 🙂
        It is most interesting to know the ”behind the scenes” of each post. Yes, I, too, have seen that photo of Aylan…I cried, really. Helpless and sad,as you said. Thank you, again, my favorite Greek Tree!


  2. (r)Evolution is the greatest poem of all. Welcome back Geo! ^_^ PS Today is Claudio’s 8th birthday; he had fish for dinner and very much appreciated your pelagic imagery (though he is strictly an armchair traveler and must have his seafood imported…)

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    1. thank you so much lovely Sunshine! i wish Claudio a wicked 8th birthday, you know i love him-i hope he does know ,on this side of the world, my male cat Pako has disappeared for about two weeks now..i am worried!

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  3. Magnifique !!! Μακάρι μόνο να είχες τη γάτα για συνεργάτη.. Σούπερ χρώματα, σούπερ ποίημα, σούπερ καλοκαίρι!!

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      1. Thank you Geo for this lovely and unexpected thought. I just got a summons Friday from the local IRS, which has me quivering. So I hope things will “universally” clear out on Monday. have a nice week

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