ghostly news



Unbearable heat

Gold sand dunes expanding through the cedar forest

My home: a huge ancient tree, offering shade from dawn till dusk

Seashells, weird stones, turquoise waters, wind and wooden art

Multigrain bread sticks with homemade honey, a fruit, a weird lady offering homemade pancakes for free to everybody-going from tree to tree

Philosophical conversations with Akis and his dog

Full moon


My view


Morning swim

Tomatoes and almonds



Iokasti:Flirtatious eyes and her feather tattoo

Giving away drawings to anyone


No photos this time

No camera can capture this light, these colors, this energy.

Reading Lucretius: De Rerum Natura (Epicurean philosophy)

Changing skin color. Day by day, becoming a lizard

Walking towards the hidden beach

Unexpected meeting, in the middle of nowhere, with Athina, her strange perfume and her two dogs

She looks like a witch, a seductive sorceress.

I wonder if she is Calypso

Finding the hidden beach

Getting lost on the way back

A slight panic attack

Not enough water, temperature at 41 degrees celsius

Pranayama under a tree

Finally, finding the right path

Athina’s perfume leading the way back (she is, definitely, a sorceress)

Kiriakos and his, unbelievable, hospitality and help

Pure offerings, expecting nothing in return

Well guess what…I love you for, just, that

My brother, sharing secrets of the island

He chose a drawing entitled the keepers of the key

What a weird place, he chose to be!

A wild, primitive beach full of people who don’t really speak

Most of them sit under the same tree

A huge tree in the middle of this tiny beach.

Energy rising, feeling weird being surrounded by strange people and scenery

Yet I feel I am home

I don’t want to go back to my tree.

It is getting crowder, day by day, by people who wear swimming suits – I despise them (not the people but the swimming suits)

I shouldn’t have camped at the first beach

I should have been here since the beginning

Next summer for sure

I found my fellow ghosts


Two personal rituals: one with fire, the other one, with water


Dreaming under the stars

Nikos, the Ashtanga yoga teacher, offering free classes on the beach, early in the morning

A broken tooth

A few scars on my back, from tree branches I wasn’t aware they were, even, there ..ouch!

A burnt skin. Sun is powerful

Nevertheless, I am not moving, not going anywhere.

Sea salt all over the body

Walking in silence

Walking with company

Walking towards the nearest canteen to buy bottles of water

Finding my Spanish neighbor, offering me some green tea.

But seriously you guys,who own the canteen… 4.50 euros, for a fruit salad and 6 euro for a veggie pasta plate in the middle of nowhere, is like taking advantage of the whole situation here. So no thank you. I ll pass

(I am fucking hungry most of the time)

At least water is reasonably priced.

Drinking gin and laughing with Andreas and Elena

Beautiful spirits

Feeling horny

Conquering fears

Running out of supplies

Having enough money just for my return trip to Athens


How many days/weeks have passed?

Fuck it. Time is irrelevant

No one knows what tomorrow might bring. Not even five minutes ahead, you cannot really plan.

But here I am immortal. The inconceivable power of Now.


Universe has been kind. It fulfilled my emptiness.

Return to Athens

What a monstrous city!

I can see it clearly now.

Too many buildings, too many people, too much noise.

Banks. Queuing at the atm, queuing at the bus stop, queuing at the supermarkets, queuing for paying bills, queuing at the gas stations

Consumers not citizens

Frustration, anxiety, fear. Insecurity, capital controls, media propaganda, oligarchy, protesters of any kind for any reason whatsoever

Politics, economics. Bankruptcy, debt, unemployment, disappointment

Endless, pointless talks about the terror that the referendum had caused in greece and the whole European Union (although, this is not a Union at all.This is a joke, in it’s best case scenario, and a political and economic mafia, in its worst)

How ironic is to fear one of the most democratic direct actions i.e. a referendum?

I must leave immediately, before I turn into a robot or a zombie

Yes, I prefer the ghost, please

Next stop: kimolos island


Visiting my alter ego. She rents a lovely house with a balcony and a nice view

I might find a seasonal job here as well. You never know

A few chickens and a roost

A donkey with terrible singing potential

Lizards of all sizes and colors

Never have I met such friendlier islanders before

Offering you water melons from their garden

Tomatoes from their garden

Cucumbers from their garden

Green beans from their garden

Traditional local goat cheese

A heavenly place for hitch-hiking

Finding naturalist-friendly beaches

Walking through the main village is like a scene taken out of a fairy tale

Getting lost in those tiny alleys leading to the castle and the ruined wind mills

Cats. Cats. Cats. They are EVERYWHERE!



Horrible, rare, internet connections. Yet after a few weeks I can now use the interweb

A second broken tooth (blame the crisis for not visiting the dentist)

It is so easy to blame everyone and everything else but you

Fuck. I must immediately pay a visit to the dentist

Friends are visiting the island

Good for them

Reading Jostein Gaarder: SofiesVerden. Quite fascinating

Practicing yoga now and then (I must find my rhythm again)

There is a saying: you realize that you had a wonderful time in your holidays/travels, when you feel happy and most of all, ready, to go back home. Returning to your loved ones, fulfilled, happy and grateful for all the things you have experienced

Nop. This is not the case here. I must be having a terrible time, then, as I don’t feel ready, yet, to return to the city

Will I ever be?

That ‘s it for now. I am going hunting

Job hunting, that is, and then for a swim

Well to be honest I think I will choose to go swimming first. Perhaps, tomorrow for job hunting

Wish me luck

A warm hug and a kiss on the forehead

To everyone out there




27 thoughts on “ghostly news

    1. -at least-…you re right! yesterday i hitch hiked from the beach to the village and when the guy dropped me off he said ”see you soon.have fun crazy monkey”..well, needless to say, that i instantly, thought about you and your avatar..missed your writings..send me some-if you have any.hope you re good dear Lord/slayer/brother

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been up to my eyeballs in poesy. Reading and (just last night) completing Andrew Motion’s mammoth biography on John Keats (called, funnily enough, “Keats”) has been the cause – and the symptom. If any of the labour’s fruit is published, it will of course be shared. Until then, nothing will see the light of day.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. No more 25 km from the sea, but too crowded, except at night and I’m afraid of sharks. At home in the garden of bamboo backgrounds, I built an open shower to the sky, and i can see lucy and his demons, completely naked ….

        Liked by 1 person

    1. dear vanidio. i am glad you enjoyed this post..when in athens i will let you know and we can discuss the details of it..weirldy enough this will be your first summer not visiting the southern parts of Crete, i suppose..!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this idyll, Geo; I needed it! “I must be having a terrible time, then, as I don’t feel ready, yet, to return to the city” might have been my very words before I had to board the train home last week. After two weeks of simply being human, no way was I ready. I wish you the very best of luck finding the means to fund your future sojourns; and Claudio sends his powerful black cat magic your way… ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hope you had a lovely time feeling human again Sunshine!
      sojourns-what a beautiful word(you sent me to the dictionary for that) melodic.thank you.
      each afternoon i am going cat-hunting..feeding all the cats of the old castle favorite one is (ofcourse) a black male cat(he doesnt beat claudio in beauty but i have the feeling they would be very good friends!)
      all the best to you and your family

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “A donkey with terrible singing potential” – this donkey for sure will be my island buddy! I play the guitar (terribly most times) so we could be a duo! Good luck on your job hunting and enjoy the beauty of the island 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha! yes he could be a best pal for sure..i have an idea ..lets all gather and do what we are mostly terrible at..then we can record it and while drinking a bottle of wine lets press Play and have a laugh..
      love diwata

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “Giving away drawings to anyone”, oh I do the same with my drawings! Maybe our drawings meet sometimes, somewhere, in the same hands of someone!?:) I worry about your teeth, please do something! Nice photos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. in a parallel universe you are the right hand and i am the left(or vice versa) making the same drawing giving it away at the same would definitely be charge of the flowers in the drawing
      ”maybe our drawings meet sometimes..”-what a beautiful thought! hope you re having a good time, bicycling around the lake krizsta!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much Jennnifer! ”..i go kicking and screaming..” haha, we should definitely meet on the beach then, we have something in common! likewise i wish you all the best in finding a job when you ll be happy waking up in the morning thinking you need to go for there such a job, i wonder..all the best!

      Liked by 1 person

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