The cat sorceress



I owe lots of things to my first cat, Jiji (I was not responsible in naming her)… Well, she was not mine per se, I was sharing her, with two more friends. Besides, a cat doesn’t particularly belong to anyone (unlike a dog, whoops) but to its own self. If we have met, let’s say, about five years ago, you would happily kick my ass right now, as I was a dog person – if we fall in the trap and assume there is a dog/cat person. Moreover, I always thought of cats as selfish, spoiled, little bastards.

My transformation slowly, initiated, when a stray Felis silvestris catus gave birth to five little kittens, just outside my door…I had never seen her before, so I was really surprised that she came over to my door to give birth (shall I take this as a sign? Well, yes I will, thank you) . In the beginning, I didn’t pay too much attention, because I was preoccupied with non important, insignificant matters during that period of my life,  so I guess, I was self-centered. It wasn’t until the third day I noticed that the kittens were no longer five,  but only two! And then it hit me. I kinda felt responsible for the loss or disappearing of the other kittens. Still, at that point I wasn’t very fond of cats …However, I felt that this cat was struggling for survival/for keeping her kittens warm and fed… so I moved her into a safer and warmer spot, offering her food to eat every day. At first, she was really scared and not friendly at all, but as days passed by, she was starting to do the cat magic-as I call it. Purring and rubbing with its tail and body, all over mine, asking for a cuddle and some affection. She felt safe there with me, and I took that as a compliment. However, she never let me close to her kittens so I couldn’t really see them. A couple of days later I found her, decapitated at my neighbors yard…it was their dog who was held responsible- Bruna, the rodvailer (sweet dog nonetheless).What was I supposed to do? And what about the kittens? I remember seeing them for the first time…

I just saw two psychedelic little creatures, meowing, looking, right, at me…Well, that was pretty much enough.

I had no choice but to  take them, so I convinced a friend, who owns a roof garden to adopt them, as I had no suitable space for them. So the cat journey began at that point…


It was very interesting to see them grow, fight and play. I never thought a cat’s life would be so fascinating! It is damn true that these little creatures have some tiger DNA in them. I had also noticed some changes in me as well. Having a cat makes you happier. But is more to that…We all know, by now, some of the health benefits a cat can offer…reducing anxiety and stress, improving your mood, help with autism and depression, lower cholesterol , reduce the risk of a heart attack, to name a few. To go even further, cats are mysterious and secretive. Ancient Egyptians even worshiped the cat as a goddess (Bastet). Although the domesticated cat has pretty much nothing to do with the ancient Egyptian cat (i am taking a guess here, better do some research on your own, on that matter) cats have always been useful hunters. In ancient Egypt they were capable of killing snakes such as cobras and at my grandparent’s village they are very useful hunters for mice and a few other, non welcoming house residents like cockroaches. Although it is hard to see our domesticated cats like that (especially our male cat Pako- he is a zen master) we must never forget that their nature is predatory : hunting, killing-if necessary, chasing and observing.  Most of all, they are great company.  If you feel lonely at some point a cat (along with a fire place) can be really good friends.

Now I am not going to make a dog versus cat post. I love dogs, also, as all the animals, but I cannot resist of mentioning some truths – coming from a brain-washed (cat) mind, that is, so not really objective here.. A dog is always dependent on you, and can be a bit clumsy, whilst, a cat really knows how to take care of itself, on its own. The greatest bonus of having a cat, is that no matter how much love they receive-even when they are sinking into the warmest, cuddliest hug, they will get up at some point and seek solitude. Yes, a cat always needs some solitude. It’s therapeutic. Freedom and Independence. They keep reminding you  this, every day.Unlike a dog which will come straight at you when you whisper their name, waiting for a command, a cat will certainly take its time, and come to you only when they chose to do so. Every time I am around Blanca, the dog, I notice myself: i turn into this bossy character giving orders all the time. I don’t enjoy it. I feel there is too much ego there, and I keep feeding it. Sometimes I feel, she is unable to take initiative at all… she, just, waits for me to do something and then she follows. On the contrary, being surrounded by the cats, I feel as equal.

Oh boy, look at me, defending a cat over a dog… if only you knew me five years ago (yes, keep repeating myself, I already said that, now moving on…)

All I know is that I am more affectionate due to cats, I welcome hugs and cuddles


I guess, all I am trying to say is that when things like these happen, I am so much fascinated by Life. Turning someone from a dog person to a cat person (long live the trap!), may sound ridiculous…I mean what’s the point really? They are both animals… They should be treated with Love, all equally. But it is deeper than that: people, animals, circumstances, nature, and cities, come through your path. If you are open and accept all as it is, you  might change your perception. When things like that happen I feel blessed. I feel gratitude when someone or something comes in my way and proves me wrong! In that way, I learn, I experience, and my mind transforms into a vacuum cleaner, sucking the Unknown. Nothing crosses your paths for no reason (the cat giving birth outside my back door). Either you pay attention or not, is, just, another matter.

This is a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a cat or a kitten…Thank you Jiji and Pako for coming into my life. So many great things and meows have followed!

jiji-pako  blanca and pako

note: today’s post is dedicated to Claudio, Sunshine Jansen’s main collaborator (aka Fairy of Disenchantment)! Also. infinite gratitude and appreciation to Maria and Stella.


25 thoughts on “The cat sorceress

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Claudio would make about ten figure-8s around your calves for this post, and maybe even butt you on the head. =^..^= Thank you dear Geo for sharing the wonderful words and photos; how could anyone resist that magic?

    Side story — you reminded me of an old friend of mine who was a seriously aggressive cat hater. He was a huge man and liked to surround himself with huge dogs. Then a similar circumstance happened to him with a single stray kitten (who knows where it came from?). I’ll never forget how hard he fell for that little girl, or the picture of her tiny fuzzy form sleeping on his massive pillowy gut! Thanks for the memories… 🙂

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  2. I SO enjoyed this! It made me smile:). It was beautifully written, and just SO darn
    cute:). I am a dog person, BUT I must admit that this post made me sad too because
    I lost one of my outside cats like two weeks ago…it was so heartbreaking. He had his
    own personality, He was feisty would come scratching on the living room window. When
    you went outside he would rub all over you…he was dominant, a alpha male, but there
    was a sweetness to him. He would catch all the BIG mice so they wouldn’t meander
    in the house, and even seen him once with a green snake in his mouth prancing
    across the yard. My husband buried him in the yard…I am sure he will be roaming
    around here in his ghostly form like he still owns the place LOL!!!

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    1. i am sure he is roaming around in his ghostly form, for sure. giving subconscious love and strength to those who loves and being a menace to those who oppose a threat..ha ha ha. my male cat is an alpha and he is being sweet only when its time to eat…lets make this post for your alpha cat as well…

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  3. Lovely post… Those kittens are cute!… Needless to say that I am a huge fan of cats as well!…
    And truly well timed as I read that yesterday it was National Hug Cat Day (true fact: on Twitter).
    Have a wonderful almost weekend ahead! Aquileana ⭐

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    1. Nop i guess there isn’t, fellow cat…i made sure Pako received your regards, however the cat sorceress is no longer with us, its been years now, she fulfilled her purpose, putting a spell on us, leading us to the great path of the Cat! ha ha …

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    1. no, why? should it?i am pretty ignorant in this matter, the cat was a stray so i guess no one really cared. ridiculous i know… Bruna is still where she used to be, being sweet to humans and hostile towards cats..(that is the last update i got)

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  4. “hostile”s a bit of an understatement. That was cold-blooded murder.

    Had Bruna decaptitated, say, a baby, then the firing squad would have been immediately called in. Why should it be any different with cats? That Felis was a stray perhaps makes the difference.

    I’ll stand down. [decocks shotgun]

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  5. I have always been a cat person, yes, despite my story about feral cats in Australia and admitting that I once skinned a very large tabby after it had been shot! I grew up with a big family of felines, sleeping on and in my bed and having kittens in our house. I fell in love with several cats when I lived in France and haven’t been able to shake this off despite the grave looks from my Australian friends, ever eager to defend the lizards and small birds. Miaow 🙂

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    1. oh yeah Jeni, i remember that could i forget..haha!i think it was one of the first comments i felt the need to write in your blog! i am sure greek cats will love you too..quite similar to french cats, its the accent of the meow that changes!

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  6. The cat traps! Very powerful. Last time I went to Athens I spent a lot of time with the street cats and dogs. The cats were very funny going on their dinner rounds in the evening, miaowing outside the flats and shops where they knew people would put out food for them. I also got bullied by a pack of dogs on Philopappou when I stopped to look at a tortoise. You’re right about us living healthier lives sharing them with animals.

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    1. Victor aka Bonofido(i would like to know what bonofido means at some point..curious)you might had the impression that you spent a lot of time with the cats and dogs BUT athenian cats and dogs always choose with whom they will hang out, so take that as a compliment! i have never seen a tortoise in Philopappou hill (although i ‘ve seen in Strefi Hill and Lycabetus) and Philopappou was included in my daily walk weird is that?! thank you for is apparent from your blog and cool and funny illustrations that you are a dog person(i fall for the trap again, shit)

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      1. Bonofido is a bit of silliness really. A play on bona fide, as in authentic or genuine, and how a name or signature bestows this on art. By making it masculine it implies “good dog.” Fido being a generic name for a dog, but also “I trust” in Latin. So, the dog as authentic creator 🙂 Sorry, classicist humour! I was very honoured by the four-legged Athenians. The Philopappou tortoise appears to be expertly guarded by a pack of dogs, and I think I only managed to see it by sneaking up in very silent shoes, startling everybody. The same trick also startled librarians and museum guards all over the city. I was getting quite big headed about all this silent sneaking until the same soles meant I slid quite spectacularly off a marble stone corner. So, hubris gets you in the end. Muahahaha dog trap 1, Geo 0! (Kalpataru/Karpataru? A play on the tree of life from Hindu mythology?)

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      2. haha! thank you for this comment dearest ‘good dog’! i learnt something useful today ..i never though fido could mean ‘i trust’ ..i am very interested about the meaning behind the word. .there is always a nice story behind everything. Kalpataru , a ancient tree in Hindu mythology..the wish-fulfilling tree. greetings to both London and Oslo..

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  7. There is a lot to this pet thing that I didn’t realize to just recently
    They actually have their own energy
    They can hear and see what humans can’t
    There is just so much unconditional love it’s just dumb founds me
    How goes it me friend
    As always Sheldon

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