A divine meeting



In the darkest moment of the night

Everything is still bright.

Hiding behind the gods

Almost bursting into laughter,

More like giggling, to be precise.


O smooth, velvet Blackness

Covers all, gracefully



Willing to absorb, everything, at once

Willing to reach those colors

Trees are, everlastingly, pushing away

Far away, with their branches and roots.

Keeping Silence, Stillness and Truth for themselves.


Mind you, they are wise

Apparently, they think

Am Unworthy



Not ready.

I perceive them, as friends

As companions.

My whisperers.

Regardless, eager to access the room:

The mushRoom.

(and see for myself)


19 thoughts on “A divine meeting

  1. Hey, how can you be wearing my trusty old grey Chuck Taylors? 🙂 Also, I love when you show the line drawings (and collaborators); two (or more) for the price of one!

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    1. well it is a mystery, a wonderful mystery.
      i begin to enjoy very much the exposure of the early stages as well. its more intimate i think. and i don’t want to be the one taking credit all the time..i have collaborators all over the place. Lastly, i LOVE your new b&w photo!

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      1. Thanks! If you look very closely you will wonder what that indistinct dark shadow is over my shoulder — that’s the black back of MY most regular collaborator! (I don’t think Claudio was dodging the camera; he was just too busy eating catnip to be bothered…) 🙂

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    1. it is so interesting to see what you ‘see’ in this one.. for me, when i was drawing it, i thought this was a person(a face) hiding behind the mountains. yes it looks like a clock now that i see it, but especially for this drawing Time is irrelevant and does not exist, so don’t be sad..enjoy the mushrooms.haha!

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  2. This too is one of my favorites for many reasons… the shifting colors, especially the trees. Yes, trees are wise, i can only agree 🙂 “The mushRoom” sounds like an interesting place.

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