a little god in a big city


Your fingers seek refuge.

They have been fighting this eternal war.

Exhausted of carrying the mud.  Creating figures and shapes.

Grand them

To fanatics and amateurs, to practice on

Perhaps they will use them for other purposes.

Insignificant to you.

Perhaps they will touch the bodies you are so afraid to do so

Dig the graves, and bury the chaos you, always, postpone.

Yield them,

To musicians and painters.

Perhaps they will create the symphony of your broken melody

The song you never dare to sing out loud.

The masterpiece, which yet haven’t been painted.


Dear Tree, how did my springs dried up like this?

This war consumes my power. My little Fountain.

This city is moving fast, yet my vehicle is a turtle.

Searching for my breath …trying to catch up with its rhythm.

Alas, this is a rally racing:

A dog eat dog world.


You ask for help from indisposed hands

From crippled fingers

Little you know.


Dear Tree

I wonder

Would someone remember our brilliant stars?

Our spectacular moons and suns?

Our dreams and passions?

Our fears and sorrows?

Would someone remember our first name?

What is the purpose of all things important

And unimportant?

I wonder

Did we ever exist in this realism?

Did we ever exist in this dream?


16 thoughts on “a little god in a big city

      1. jó reggelt, köszönöm! yes, i already did one drawing with pastels (and markers). it seems so difficult, although i enjoyed the mixing up with the colors(something i rarely do with markers) i wasn’t satisfied with the result(plus my fingers hurt..ahaha) you have a great talent with oil pastel. i remember it to be much easier in the past. it didnt come up any close to your drawings and then i was certain that this is your tool! so again well done krizsta! however this will be my medium for this summer. i will practice and i will send you photos.

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  1. A massively beautiful work and I love your thoughtful, able-looking collaborator (for a moment I saw “Faber Catstell” on the box!) My vehicle is a turtle too, and the running dogs are a noisy blur. I’m grateful for my slowness, otherwise the trees would have no time for me at all — but I know they won’t remember me when their roots start spreading through the cracks of our civilization.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a wonderful post, as usual, Geo! It is a well-known fact, that cats are great collaborators. I am guessing the cat draw the turtle and the tree, right?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thank you Alfonso! this particular cat helped me choose the right colors, however if it had the freedom to draw he would probably doodle some ham and a couple of fish..(however you were almost right, the turtle was his idea)

      Liked by 1 person

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