Good morning, suspicious world

Wake up. Salute the sun

Accept all and everything


Good afternoon, fragile world

Tea time. Gather your friends

Straighten your spine

Have a laugh with all and everything


Goodnight, dusty world

How soft and sweet are the colors of the dusk!

They all look charming now, even those, wearing a mask

Hummingbirds, migrating to warmer climates

Flying over the melting pink sun

Entering your Dream State.

No need of a passport, or a visa

No need of a teacher, and a man’s quotes

A couple of colorful feathers will do.

Just breathe illuminating world. You made it, through the day.

What Tomorrow might bring, is a mystery to all.

Today, a tree meditating, silently, chanting OM

Tomorrow, a metamorphosis into a different form

Just breathe, fantastic world

Be still and comfortable in your own pose



40 thoughts on “Padmasana

    1. well thank you! i missed you my dearest brother. hope all is good in Slayerville.
      you know, this drawing was simple yet the coloring was so much trouble and it took such a long time. i am sending you a link while i was creating it, just to see what colors can really do to a drawing..complete transformation! its a shame really not to be able to send it to you, as it was created for someone and now its on its way.
      i am truly honored for this comment. peace and love to you

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      1. I’m delighted finally to see (a) your sketchbook and (b) your work in progress. Until now, I didn’t believe they were drawings: I thought you were using some fancy computer graphics programme. That’s how good they are.

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      2. oh please..bollocks, they re not that good, if you notice i can’t even make a straight line! i was never into drawing but i was writing and keeping a journal since i can remember. drawing came in my student years (after an experience i had) and was mainly symbols, candles and naked figures, all of them black and colors at all. i am becoming better and better as long as i keep practicing. i have now more than ten drawing blocks in my collection. i told you before i cannot draw on the computer i just don’t see the point. adding color and drawing is one of my meditations, when i do so i am out of this world, i am somewhere else.however the result differs from time to time depending the markers i use.i was thinking of posting primary steps of each drawing to my posts. now that i see you are delighted by this i will definitely do so!

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  1. Wonderful. To connect and engage, so energizing, but to disconnect and disengage, so liberating. Thanks for opening up my day with this smile. ^_^

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    1. OM, the universal sound. it was believed that when the world was created that was the sound it came up with. it is a mantra. if you meditate, chanting it repeatedly, it helps concentration and moving inwards

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    1. ”hitandrun” nice name!
      awww, well the black kitten was love at first sight for me..unfortunately no longer with us but its beauty and spirit stays eternal..haha! have a good day


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