A summer letter to the Heart


My dearest

Anticipating heart:

Great expectations of

Thyme’s perfume and Bougainvillea’s colors.

The meeting of Apollo and Poseidon

Sun and Sea, all over the body. Colors and Light, inside the mind.


Salty heart:

The meeting under the tree, will happen, once more

Naked, both of us

Nothing to hide, nothing to stand for.

Winter has been cruel and harsh, I know

Noise, buildings, traffic, robots, selfishness, survival

Solitude, most of all.


Lonesome heart:

Expand. Reach out. Chess butterflies and play with dragon flies.

Under the moon, reclaim your prize

Find your friends. They are wise.

First connection with water,

Crystals and Ice.

First acquaintance of bare feet with the sand

Gold and Fire.


Shy heart:

Be brave and wear your sandals

Dance with the rhythmic snake

Be part of this synergy: an honest scandal

Between you and I

No space for mistake.

A new notebook, a new story

History is being rewritten

You are the pen and I, the sheet

You have freedom to write all over me

A fairy tale for this unbearable heat.


Tender heart:

You are the bullet and I am the gun

I have, finally, found the target

Just shoot and run.

Great expectations of summery vibrations

We’re getting closer

Day versus night.


Warm heart:

Make sure to give some love

Even to those, who are unworthy of.

My dearest heart,

You are becoming a work of art

Between islands, sailing boats and stars

We shall never fall apart.


Different pulses, you and I

Synchronizing and restart!


18 thoughts on “A summer letter to the Heart

  1. Beautiful Illustration Geo. Nice summer colors, but why is the heart bleeding, if I may ask? I have sent you an email about a week ago, still no reply…is that email on your Contact page valid? I have good news for you 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it was in my junk mail for a strange reason. thank you for this comment Alex! well the heart is not bleeding, although it may seem this way. Blood is a source of Life (count Dracula would agree) and what this heart is doing, is spreading life into another source of Life..the water. thank you

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was busy recently (hospital and internet connection troubles) and it seems I lost many great things!
    I love the way you play with colors, your style and your choices of concepts.
    I admire your great pen,
    and looking forward intensively.

    My very best wishes for you, your great art & pen, ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear GolNaran! it is always a pleasure to see you here. it is so nice we share mutual admiration. there are no words to tell you how i admire your illustrations! hope everything is ok now. Have a nice day!

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    1. ahaha! nothing can compare with Mother India but its only fair that since you re going to show me where all these beautiful birds that you photograph, are chilling, then you should stop by, by my hood!

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    1. ha! almost Jeni..boat ferries are still expensive(for my budget) with my calculations i will be happily turn into a ghost in a month or so..my heart is synchronized and more than ready(but my pocket..not!) greetings to the gods and goddesses!


      1. You will get there, I’m sure, even if you have to swim! I want very much to come to Europe this summer but time is slipping away and so is my little savings. Perhaps I will start my swimming training for the long ocean voyage 🙂 Everything is as it should be. Wherever we are there are good things to find. Take care and nurture yourself and enjoy the sunshine!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hm, this summer ha? then you should start booking (or swimming!) cause summer is around the corner..if you cannot make it, i promise that when i reach my island i will dedicated my first swim in the magical waters to you as well!

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