This post is dedicated to Marcy Erb of Illustrated Poetry (or how I like to call her, the Poetic Scientist!). Marcy was my first collaboration here in WordPress, and the result of one of my favorite Illustrations here. Illustrated Poetry helped me discover, poems and poets I would have never searched or find out on my own,  see wonderful collaborations, collages, and drawings. What I like about Marcy, is the way she connects blogs, creative minds, and wanderers, all together. Thanks to her, I discovered beautiful creatures, resting, chatting, chilling on her blog nest. Thank you Marcy, for your humble spirit, your knowledge and your passion for poetry (not only). Ήσυχη δύναμη, is I believe what you are..(i am not sure there is a proper English translation for this one..haha!)

Excerpt Tuesday – [in Just-] – e.e. cummings


17 thoughts on “Solidarity

    1. you re right Sunshine! Marcy turned me on to you, Meredith, Be Illustrated to name a few. i have a theory: kindred souls hang out in cool blogs! haha. hope everything is going well with your novel and Claudio is still a mysterious beauty!

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      1. ^_^ Oh he’s as mysterious and beautiful as ever, and full of enthusiasm for spring… Taking a day off work tomorrow to spend outside with him, writing for as long as the sun shines!

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      2. if claudio ever feels the need to visit my side of the world, let him know Pako, a new friend, will be waiting for him..he is getting sick and tired of the same neighborhood cats.over and over again, he wants a change (Pako is my black mysterious beautiful cat-he got a bit fat lately, but he is so zen, we now call him Buddha! )


  1. Thank you, Geo – and everybody! Your support and visits make Illustrated Poetry what it is. I am always telling folks what amazing writers and artists I have met through the blog and WordPress. Geo, Sunshine, and Irati – you three are inspirations to me! Thanks again!

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  2. Great post, Geo and thanks for introducing me to Marcy’s blog. I looked for a translation for Ήσυχη δύναμη and found ‘quiet power’. This conjours up the idea that Marcy is modestly remarkable and I am sure I will discover this is so as I get to know her. I love the nest, enclosing her tenderly and the totem so close and looking slightly shy at the viewer. Beautiful!

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    1. jeni your insights and thoughts in most of my posts are always spot on and more than welcomed..i so much appreciate you for this connection every time. thank you for these words, greetings to the Australian mountains (and to Koalas ofcourse..koalas rule..fuck yeah!)

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      1. Koalas… fuck yeah! And possums, goannas and kingparrots 🙂 Look up antechinus, they are my favourites – tiny carnivorous marsupials that eat mice. The size of a mouse but they are hunters like a cat and they climb like possums.

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      2. just checked antechinus, they do look like mice only with brighter/smarter eyes. they are tiny but they are hunters! koalas is a different story, i have a special bond with them even if i never came across with one of them in real life…when that moment comes, seeing a koala in its natural habitat or when i get the chance to hug or even talk to one, i wouldn’t mind dying, i would be complete and happy!


  3. I found Marcy and followed her after your EE Cummings collaboration. My first impression was, ooh that smile (she has a photo on her About page, couldn’t resist and left a comment) but it was also her spirit! I saw this drawing before, your colors (also your blog as a whole) are changing Geo!

    By the way, love that photo banner you have: “Time for Revollusion” (Time for Revolution against Illusion eh?!) count me in!! Now, I have a nickname for your blog… TIME FOR REVOLLUSION: A MYSTIC REUNION (under the Kalpataru tree)!!

    Some positive motivating force for you, me and all!!

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    1. i have better tools now (thanks to a present i received) and i am trying to color as better as i can…
      i took this photo in Berlin, i was walking down the street in east Berlin and it was a bit dark and i saw this neon light in the middle of nowhere..i took it as a sign…i love this photo, your nickname is a nice addition!

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