Far from the Noise


Nature helps you forget…

I am posting this, once again, going through my drawing blocks feeling unsatisfied from time to time…This is a new version of an old drawing and it’s time to follow the tradition of ‘My WordPress Gang” appreciation series. Next stop is Jeni McMillan (please mind the gap between the train and the platform). I feel this drawing matches Jeni, as I believe, she becomes one with nature! Thanks Jeni for your honest writings but also your awesome paintings!  https://jenimcmillan.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/mountain-spirit-haiku/


14 thoughts on “Far from the Noise

  1. I love this drawing, Geo. I could offer interpretations, like climbing the green steps of ecological consciousness to the top of the mountain, turning my back to the past and staring confidently at the future … but this is your work and I can only guess at your insights. But you have captured something of me well. I love the feeling of solitude and peace. It’s beautiful. Thank you. Can I repost it to my blog?

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    1. i am so happy you like it..seriously.i thought of you when remaking it..you are a true nature spirit Jeni! interesting interpretations..i first made this two years ago, i was spending time in nature, in a little house, up in the mountains..full of trees and flowers and gods and goddesses. during my stay, nature helped me to forget all the shit and superficial worries i had whilst living in the city..ignoring the noise, turn your back and see/fee/hear the real thing..and you become happy!
      you can do whatever you want with it..part of it belongs to me , part of it belongs to you, and the rest to everybody else!

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    1. Alfonso/cat, yes you re right. sometimes like this, others like that. who knows what will follow?! all i want is to bring creative and talented minds and souls together, like an orgy of creativity and conscious and subconscious collaboration. peace/love/unity

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