A cosmic dancer, is dancing for the sake of us, all…

This post is dedicated to Krizsta and her colorful oil-pastel creations, as part of My WordPress Gang, appreciation series. Csisza köszönöm!!! Enjoy.


15 thoughts on “Natarajasana

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    1. the least i can do..i knew you liked this one and since i have the habit of going through my drawing blocks and changing colors and pattern quite often(when my tools allow me to do so), i figured out, that the new cosmic dancer would be for you!

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      1. krizsta the planets are my favorite too. yesterday i talked with a friend (who was born in Hungary) i m going to surprise you again at some point with my new knowledge in Hungarian (well apart from Kave/ köszönöm and Szívesen).haha!

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  2. Reminded me of “workings of the universe (which is one of my favorites) – friendship will unite us.. You are revolutionizing WordPress at a different level 🙂 some tropical sunshine for Krizsta, you and all.. Inspiring post Geo!

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