Letting go


Trapped in the middle

A body that carries me, moves me from one place to another.

Allows me to explore geography: Mountains, streets, alleys, paths, islands.

Feeling and experiencing:

Pain and Pleasure.

Did I ask for this body? This form?

Anatomy and physiology.

Excellence and imperfection, embroidered by hand: Beauty and the Beast.


Trapped in the middle

A mind that defines who I am. What I am.

Allows me to explore the Self: Who am I? What am I?

Ambition, desire, thought, perception.

Feeling and experiencing:

Fear and Heroism.

Did I ask for this mind? These brain cells?

Analysis and psychology.

Evolution and decay, embroidered by hand: Bliss and Bewilderment.


Between body and mind

I rest in the middle:

Trapped, I cannot be sure.  Naked, for sure.

In search of Who and What.

Kiss me on the forehead.

Be tender and kind, for once. Please.

Do it for me. This is not about you. Not anymore.


Because you know,

I know…

I am an animal, trapped in a human body

Sometimes a pet, others, a stray.

Because it is the only thing that makes sense.

Alas, you forgot your origin

You preach about Love, yet the words you use, are full of hate

You are way more ridiculous: you don’t even practice what you preach.


I am willing to forget all, nonetheless.

For  I am a child. Offer some candy and I shall smile back at you.

Let us sit by the fire:

Read me one of your stories and assure me everything is going to be just fine.

Yes. It’s comforting to know we are the same:

Blue veins and red blood. Two legs and a head. Two hands and a pair of eyes

Not actually…

Veins are broken; blood flowing through the heart, is blocked.

Nothing more, than a crippled body on the guillotine, you and me. Blinded, above all.


Trapped in the middle, no more.

All I ever wanted was peace and harmony

For, both, body and mind,

For you and I.

Hence, be kind enough and

Fuck off.

For I am becoming the captain, sailing through the infinite ocean…

Just letting you go.

And you know,

This hurts…

I know.


20 thoughts on “Letting go

    1. Jeni you wrote some beautiful words here! this could easily be a wonderful answer to this post..i feel like you were the other voice, giving addition,and meaning to my writing.it related/connected very well. some sort of a collaboration. thank you for this..

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      1. Geo, this came as in a dream to me. I felt your distress, I connected and the words flowed. It felt like a collaboration in both literary work and a soul connection. It’s strange this distance between people, impossible and unreal but perfectly understandable at the same time.

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    1. good morning Sheldon! you know, i wrote this in my native language(and indeed was a poem) however sometimes i have an issue when translating into english as many of the feelings, meanings and words are lost in translation. i feel its a story. Have a good day/night!


  1. My dear little brother (ok you’re not little, we are bigger than our bodies, we are more than bodies), you are not an animal nor a pet or a stray. Like I said and let me say it here to remind you… You are getting stronger so stay close to people who treat you with kindness, with love (they are here, there and everywhere) and you will always be the captain of your own sailboat. Now, let’s fly to the clouds and have an ice cream!!

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    1. if i am a little brother then that makes you my big sister! hahaha..thank you Diwata for this psychoanalysis. you know me and i know you. and this feels great! now i am ordering some ice cream, come quick, we don’t want it to melt, sun is shinning here!

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  2. Geo your writing is so direct…I was going through your post, reading, and I could picture you, sitting close by, and, actually, speaking the words out of your mouth. Powerful words, befriended with a touching illustration!

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  3. geo… gaia weeps.
    wise ones
    do not feed
    children candy,
    but sustenance.
    in confusion,
    it seems o.k.
    sustenance it’s not.
    sun-kissed frut,
    fish and rice,
    the deepest love
    serves your
    sack of skin
    wisely… only
    scoundrels use
    poison for
    no candy, darling;
    gaia knows
    warm hearts
    find warm blankets,
    warm milk;
    cleaning the sand
    from your eyes
    and open sores
    (ever so gently)
    in the sway
    of contentment she rocks you
    gently with songs of
    empty tombs…
    (perhaps wombs),
    soothing your aching heart.
    the ways of embrace come, now.
    xx (~meredith)

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    1. there are things i wanna say, about your comment, but, i won’t saying anything. Interestingly enough, i was having a conversation the other day about Gaia, Pachamama and Geb . three completely different ancient civilizations(but its not only them, there are even more, i think) that felt the need to address Earth as a goddess/god. we were trying to figure out ways we cause harm to them, what would they tell us if they had form, stuff like that..and candy was NOT one of them..we shall include this, to the next discussion! again you wrote something which created, instantly, an image, a drawing in my mind..you do that sometimes, especially with ”Freckle Guarantees”. when i get some extra free time i will do an illustration for this post if you don’t mind.at some point!

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  4. ‘trapped in tbe middle’, ‘rest in the middle’, ‘trapped in tbe middle, no more’! , Yes! I think You are far more further! And it won t hurt, so much, I hope:)

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    1. it’s nice to let go off people and circumstances that cause you, consciously and subconsciously, harm, with one way or another AND not feeling guilty about it. its kind of liberating and it doesn’t hurt that much..everything is just a matter of habit..

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  5. Everything is so much easier, when we take action and make things happen, instead of, fantasizing the famous ‘What If”. It all begins with Movement…and balls (Am I allowed to say that?) to let go and restart. Every new beginning offers, nothing more than excitement. It hurts but, at the same time, it doesn’t. Thank you for reminding me that.

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    1. hey cat! hm, i m not sure if i had to do anything about reminding you-i don’t even know what, but i am happy you felt connected with this. part of the magic, is that we interpret things uniquely : cognitive psychology. i agree and, most of all, i like what you say:
      new beginnings are exciting in their own ways, and movement, indeed, is required about everything. however i am not sure all people acquire balls (fortunately) in order to move forward. haha! you should stop by my hood , i ve got fish flakes in jelly.meow!

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