Our Dance – A Collaboration with Diwata In Lalaland


 Thank you Diwata! It was a pleasure..

Diwata in Lalaland

DanceJpg Illustration by: Geo Kalpataru

As your tears begin to fall
At the darkest night before dawn…

Drop everything on the ground!
We will dance!
Dance in trance with my existence…
I Am, The Shaman
Chant with the beat of my heart
Come closer, open your mouth
Breathe my breath, my life
To the very essence…
Breathe in… Breathe out…
Until the water in the clouds dry out
And the sun comes,
Behind the mountains…
You are healing.  I am healing.
We are healing.  They are healing.

Now, look at me in The Eye
Slow grind your thoughts with mine…
Lose my Self inside your Self
Until you find me
Drenched in the colors of your energy
Transform them to memories
Into expression
Into poetry
Not your ordinary fairytale story

The wind brings the feel of spring…
Ahh The Fountain…
Like trees and flowers
We will blossom once…

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17 thoughts on “Our Dance – A Collaboration with Diwata In Lalaland

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post here.

    Thanks to Diwata, I have now been turned on to your wonderful blog. What wonderful creations you have here!

    All good wishes,


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  2. hello Robert, and welcome!
    i very much enjoy this interaction provided by the wordpress community. one blog leads to another..discoveries and exploration! will be checking your blog soon. Thank you for the kind words.
    have a great day/night

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  3. 😉 … explaining muses, disguised, black cats… throwing all manner of life into a scene that demanded distinct identification… the boss asked if this was a non-subtle way of requesting vacation… i suggested relocation… he reminded me i lack the scales for swimming with mermaids. i said, “so far… so far as you can tell, right now, covering the fishbowl carefully with my skirt.” he laughed and walked away. “good humor for a rainy day,” he called just as he left, turning right (just beyond view.) HA! just in case, i locked my drawer where passports, postcards, and personal interests sing the world to me. who knows what might happen next… oh! more discovery. ~meredith

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      1. do, please, delete the comment, geo. it was not meant to deflect from the value of this collaboration, and it should not. i’m glad to be here, now, in the presence of this work.

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    1. i know the feeling. these words came out of diwatainlalaland ‘s mind and they are healing. so they belong to anyone really. they are yours too. take them, it is our gift to you and all. thank you for your comment dear hunter!

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