useless mirrors


Standing in front of the mirror,

Becoming nothing more than an object, reflecting a drawing

Unfinished painting. Colors in anarchy. Chaotic lines. Canvas of banalities.

Is this for real?  You seek originality?

Keep the eye closed. That image is dead now

This is real: reclaiming individuality.


Smash the box within the chest. Reveal the treasure

Be prepared for warmhearted brutality

Open the eye:

You detest what you see? No problem

Smoothly, ignore the view. Stay focused on the essence.

Pretentious, neurotic manifestations. Bygone

Chemical reactions on the heart’s crystal, generate luminescence

I love you, eternally.  Ears swallowing the siren’s song.


Now and Then, Here and There, Forwards and Backwards, Always and Never, Chaos and Order

Duality within Dualities: a schizophrenic disorder.

Remove the eye:

You detest that you don’t see? No problem

Gently, use your hands. Stay focused, start touching.

Explore and, kindly, leave Philosophy behind. A thing of the passive past.

No more words, start acting:


Brain cells on awakening

Alert: Becoming more than a body

Resurrection of spirit


Hands become the tool

Alert: Being more than machinery

Resurrection of creativity


Speech becomes poetry

Alert: I am more than thoughts. I am a story.

Resurrection of mythology


Nostrils receiving aromas

Alert:  I am more than a respiratory system

Resurrection of receptivity

Play music

Transcendental experience

Alert: I am much more than ‘here’

Resurrection of immensity


Mouth swallowing the greatest medicine

Alert: I am much more than a virus.

Resurrection of strength


Standing in front of the mirror, the delusional reflector

Is this for real? I become the director

Holding a stone, wearing a cynical, sarcastic smile on the face

With such great lighting, the perfect angle and the funniest costumes,

Ready to shoot the first scene


Smash that mirror: Your image is dead now.

Accord and satisfaction.


14 thoughts on “useless mirrors

    1. hahaha! lovely Meredith, i see you want to play the game of CopyCat… ok no problem-besides i love cats… so there you go…_/|\_ .
      one of these days i will sit down and ‘learn’ all the prepared to be bombarded next time, in a post of yours(don’t say i didn’t warn you), meow!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. heart to heart, i hear your song
        heart to heart, no emoticons.
        one more:
        heart to heart, i am more
        (all i know is “thank you.”)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I was looking at Useless Mirrors and contemplating a mirror inside a mirror as Bjork sings All is Full of Love when you commented on Celebrating Venus. It is easy to think that love is an individual concept, something to own and hold, however this is a tiny fragment, a shard of the whole. The reflection of a mirror is a mirror inside a mirror multiplied to infinity.

    Liked by 1 person

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