unlock energy




Dear root: have some water. Be grounded and control your fear.

Expand, increase, spread.

Awed by the animal you keep inside: your instinct of survival,

I am.  Exposing stability, security and stillness.



Dear sacral: establish your relationships

Explore what is there to create: artistry, vision, imagination, sensuality.

Astonished by the potential you hold inside: your instinct of survival,

I feel. Exposing enthusiasm, joy and creativity.



Dear navel: increase your power

Be confident enough to form an opinion, yours. Digest self-esteem. Apotheosize manifestation.

Dazzled by the power centre: your instinct of survival,

I can. Exposing growth, expansiveness and competence.



Dear heart: have some love

Give it, share it, and throw it to everything and everyone.

Pure love, true love:  unconditional love. Only then, there is hope.

Forgiveness and compassion – meaningful interaction.

Amazed by the heart centre: your instinct of survival,

I love. Exposing circulation, passion and devotion.



Dear larynx: sing the melody

Of the self-expression song. Your song. Exchange ideas, give information, speak from Truth. Your truth.


Fascinated by the expression centre: your instinct of survival,

I speak. Exposing independence, fluent thought and inner voice.



Dear third eye: have some intuition

Stay still and relaxed, stay always open

Holding the power of mind, the genesis of visualization.

First acquaintance with psyche and wisdom:’’ how do you do! A pleasure to meet you. ’’

Overwhelmed by the perception centre: your instinct of survival,

I know. Exposing clarity, insight and concentration.



Dear crown: shinning at the top of the head

It takes a while to get there. But the view is splendid:

Violet flowers and valleys cover the central nervous system and the brain.

Inner wisdom and Unity.

Humbled by the spiritual centre: your instinct of survival,

I am. I understand. Exposing cosmic consciousness, enlightenment and beingness.


This is the temple of body. And I am the monk. The shaman.

I have always been a propagandist in my own land, both body and intellect.

No longer a missionary, a preacher, a follower, a protagonist, a shepherd, a sheep.


Let’s do this, together:

One:  I learn how to walk… I get to know myself and my surroundings.

Two:  I begin to experience. I laugh and cry

Three: I am getting stronger. I am a pain in the ass to Injustice and suffering. Beware!

Four: I am accepting. Giving – receiving. I am falling in love, for the first time, with a tree.

Five: I listen to the sound of my voice. I become a narrator of this fairy tale.

Six: I see for the first time. We are all so damn beautiful. There is no excuse, our potential lies deep within us, all.

Seven: I am here. I am everywhere and nowhere. I am all. A phantom.

I have finished. Let’s start all over…your turn, now

I am finished.


note:  this post is dedicated to my friend Ηλίας (aka Loser) who will be an excellent chef one day


23 thoughts on “unlock energy

  1. Geo, you are far from finished and I have the universe to thank for this. Thank you for reminding me, now and then, what is important and what not, through your illustrations and poetry. A soft and sweet anarchistic heart. You are my favorite Greek Tree 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ten:
      brotherhood consists of respect, love and appreciation. and i love/respect/appreciate you.
      i did the drawing while listening to the music reference you added on your last post. this is the result, and i am pleased with it

      Liked by 1 person

  2. οτι και να πω ειναι λιγο, σε ευχαριστω.. “I see for the first time. We are all so damn beautiful. There is no excuse, our potential lies deep within us, all.” trully inspiring……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. βρε βρε..καλώς τον Λιάκο! να μην πεις τίποτα..αν δεν είχαμε αυτη τη συζήτηση δεν θα είχαμε αυτό το πόστ, τόσο απλό..χαχα, μαδαφακαααα!


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