enter and surrender


You hold the treasure

Most importantly: you know it.

I am telling you straight away what I want from you:

Explore your unknown territory and give you pleasure.

My innocent face, doesn’t make me less of a thief:

Willing to steal your treasure. Make it my own

Most importantly: you already know.


Now be polite and stick your tongue out

Shove it down my throat.

Let’s just choke for a while, with our fluids…and allow me to go south

As I draw the map of your body with my fingers.

Hm, you are an interesting canvas. I want to spill my colors all over you.

Leave no space for breathing. No

Eliminate the space between your nipples and mine. Yes

We are standing as one tree.


Now be polite and grab my fingers…don’t make it too easy for me.

Suck them while I softly pull your hair, rubbing you from behind

It’s ok for you to fantasize…

We are falling stars, melting into the sea.

Let’s take the risk and forget that you are a woman and I, a man.

Deny our social roles and limitations, we are only two bodies, filled with lust, lets become one.

We are turning the moon into a sun

I am yours forever, now

And you are mine.


Now be polite and remove your wet panties. Slowly. Don’t make it too easy for me. Tease and send me straight to hell.

There is no paradise. We create our own perversion now. Let me touch your pearl.

We are soon to become one

Whispering, savagely, through each other’s ears, poems that don’t make any sense.

You are my sweetheart now

I will rip you apart, no offense.


Now be polite and watch me stroke as I suck your toe. Open your inner thighs, your clitoris glow.

Your nipples grow…are they hard enough for me to softly bite them?

We are now enjoying the show.

Never again robots, acting mechanically, repeating monotonously this procedure.

We are, once again, amateurs, always in the now, not knowing what we’re doing here. We are one creature.


Now be polite and suck me while moaning. I can feel your vibration: liberation.

Allow me to taste you, smell your exhilarating aromas, and swallow your juice: let loose.

Hold my hand and lock my fingers…Look at me, my eyes are raping yours.

The heartbeat, the sweating, the moaning, the silence in between, the vibrations, the flowing, becomes our dirty talk.


Now be polite and slap me as I enter. Don’t make it too easy, if you want me to water your center.

Let’s dance in trance. Now this is pure romance…

Introspection, exploration, connection, penetration, sweating, laughter, animal behavior, massaging and rubbing, flirtation, eternal moments, mutual temptation, mind connection: orgasmic conversation, holding hands, caress our hair-everywhere…

I cherish your treasure. I do!


Time has come, mind has come, body has come.

We are here. We are forever.

My sweet naughty butterfly

Be wild

Be kind.

Go fly, be lost through the wild flowers

Do not confess our powers

Shhh…it’s a secret.



19 thoughts on “enter and surrender

  1. Amazing. Purr-fucked.

    So clever the way the “tree” stands phallic for the heavenly bush, the centre of everything.

    You’ve covered all the senses and all desired secretions.

    I love the concepts of inverted politeness and mutual rape. Pulling, tugging, slapping, spitting. All great.

    Image and wordage constantly dance betwixt duality and non-duality; betwixt temporal, mental and corporal.

    A sloppy, beautiful mess.

    Extremely well done.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Omitted to say:

    1. The lips, the folds, the bud are perfect, the hair divine. See you opted to keep it dry. That’s okay. One needs to work for wetness.

    2. You could have called it “sexploration”. No? Okay, it’s a bit obvious. Or “ex-ploration”, assuming you are musing on a past flame.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you have just described human nature i suppose..sometimes we are sweet and innocent and others, daring, wild, or whatever..depending who is next to you, what kind of vibrations arise in between.the important thing is to always stay true.. glad you liked it Jeni!


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