Virabhadrasana I



Wandering through the darkness…

I am a warrior

No longer heartless.


Unfulfilled desire…

I am a warrior

Both body and mind, transpire.


Greeted by the universal sound…

I am a warrior

I become one with the ground.


Witnessing the crowds…

I am a warrior

My feelings become transparent clouds.


Through this madness…

I am a warrior

Say goodbye to sadness.


Arrogance and greed…

I am a warrior

I only take what I need.


Inner and outer control…

I am a warrior

I memorize my role.


Conflicting connections…

I am a warrior

I ‘m falling in love with my imperfections.


Through space and time…

I am a warrior

I shine.


20 thoughts on “Virabhadrasana I

    1. first step is to preheat the make sure all the veggies are washed and garlic is cut in small pieces,..these are my lame jokes.
      i guess it is up to every individual to come in peace with their self. Perfect does not exist. Besides i will not be objective here, about giving instructions of how you can fall in love with your imperfections as i have always been an adorer of Imperfection.Imperfections are the real deal, those that define us, those who reminds us we are what we are..humans

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      1. Fuck! Only just seen this! You must think me so very rude for not replying. For some reason, I wasn’t notified of your reply. I am sorry. Allow me to rejoin now, if it’s not too late.

        Only nothing is perfect, I think.

        Save Superman. But even he had his imperfections. First, he couldn’t deal with kryptonite. Second, he was stupid enough to fall enough with Lois Lane, who, in the originals with Christopher Reeve, was deeply ugly. He improved in later versions with Teri Hatcher – HOT! – but then took steps back with Kate Bosworth and Amy Adams. Erica Durance is uber-sexy, but I’d rather not lower the tone with “Smallville”.

        I think that wraps it up.

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      2. weird things happen on wordpress. I get that too with notifications and as it seems this reply will be above your comment..why?why can’t i reply after your comment is a mystery..
        Ha! finally some britishness (if there is such a word) comes out of you and surprise surprise it must be a ‘rude’ much i missed that! No, not even once in a million i would consider that rude. On the contrary i am honored every time you leave your words on this blog. besides a cat would never make any unfavorable remarks or think something ‘bad’ for a lovely monkey with crazy hair.. every time i see this photo i laugh! so only that, is enough for me. meow!

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      3. I’m not going to lie. Whenever a reply appears out of place in a comments-threat, I briefly consider grasping monitor and keyboard and throwing them out of the nearest window. But let us breathe. Let us accept what is. Breathed? Accepted? Good.

        Stay with me. I shall be working on “INTERCONNECTION” all day, assuming other bullshit doesn’t get in the way.

        I shall return triumphant.


  1. Should I, also, expect to see Warrior II and III ? I never thought I could see Warrior pose, presented in such a way : a poem and a drawing ! Your mind is psychedelic. Do you practice/teach yoga?

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    1. i can only draw what i am capable of doing so warrior iii is out of the question at the moment. also i am broke at the moment which means i can’t afford buying the markers i use, so it will take a little while to do so. i am glad you saw something which you weren’t expecting. i ve been practicing regularly for three years now, but not as much as i want to..i am far away from teaching(well if you start yoga at the age of thirty with no previous practice it takes more effort and time) although this is my goal. why ? are you teaching? i am always interested in free classes!haha

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      1. Sure, I see your point. You will get there eventually..Practice, practice, practice. If you ever come to Köln do pay us a visit. Perhaps a nice Virabhadrasana III drawing will give you free classes in return! All the best.

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      2. “i can’t afford buying the markers” almost makes me want to cry.

        Hey Guys & Gals!

        Can we do a whip-round? New campaign:


        Surely we can raise enough to buy you a relatively-modest marker set.

        How much do these bad boys cost?

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      1. [Me clapping too.]

        I’m satisfied with “INTER” and “ON”. I just need to work on “CONNECTI”. The word has been . . . CUT. Did you ever spend time in CONNECTICUT?

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    1. Brilliant Slayer..oh i m sure you know already that you are go(o)d
      Ha! you re wrong BUT your concept is so nice..”Money divides INTERCONNECTION.” i like it! geoKalpataru despises everything that has to do with money so yes..i accept this. This is the new concept behind ‘Virabhadrasana I’ from now on! you can consider this a collaboration if you d like! καληνύχτα amigo

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