The Fall – A Collaboration with Shivani Kishor Dumpawar




 The dancing path, in this hilly terrain

The soft wind kissing away

That cold calm water

Humming on this warm sunny day

Crossing the road less travelled

On a journey to discover

And to loose oneself

I was lost

In the stroke of colors

Painted by life of seasons

Awed by this beauty

Let me breathe in these shades

Like that tattered leaf

Floating away

Let me Fall

For this beautiful Fall.

These wonderful lines were written by Shivani Kishor Dumpawar, a Poet and Materials Engineer by day. When she suggested if i could illustrate her poem i had no choice but to ‘Fall’  for it as well. She is not in WordPress anymore, but do find her!


9 thoughts on “The Fall – A Collaboration with Shivani Kishor Dumpawar

  1. With the illustration, the added color and strokes, the poem feels much “fall”! Great work my dear Shivani! You are truly gifted but your sincerity and hardwork polishes this talent which shines brighter day by day.
    @geo.kalpataru very interesting blog…will dig deeper to understand better 🙂 All the best!

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    1. Such beautifully you have put words together Shivani. Just by reading this poem I can close my eyes and go on a momentary trip to some distant soothing land. Great work as usual.
      @geo.kalpataru: I had had the chance to go through the poem without your work too previously and it comes out to be so much more alive with it.


  2. Amazing work Shivani! I have seen you follow your dream and flourish into a great poet and its very impressive. You are an inspiration. Keep up the great work.
    The awesome illustration by geo.kalpataru has made the poem sound more lively and colorful.
    All the best to both of you. 🙂


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