it’s bedtime

dream within a Dream11


Images stuck in my mind

Useless information.

Images stuck in my eyes

Illusion information.

Images stuck in my ears

Information received but refused.

Images vomiting, all over my mouth

Speech with no feeling.

Images playing with my emotions

and the door remains locked.


Mermaids keep the silver key, deep into the sea

What if I cannot swim?

Shut your mouth and follow the process…

Be a good boy. Obedient, dream less, think less, fight for others, never for yourself.

Stand in front of the sun, the moon, the tree, the mountain, the ocean, the stars and see, for yourself,

How insignificant you‘ll be.


Be a good boy. Wake up, drink your coffee, eat your breakfast, go to work, consume, run to catch up with friends, go home, meet your girlfriend, your parents, your flat mates, prepare dinner, switch on the tv, your laptop, watch the news, read a book, laugh a bit, cry a bit, have a shower, and then go to sleep, but don’t you dare to have a dream. Accept everything as it is…is it so hard to deny this?


8 am. Alarm is ringing. Get dressed, wash your face

Prepare yourself for the new day. Search for a new prey.

Do me a favor tonight, and have a dream

Look out for the mermaids, giving you the key

Unlock the door, and really see…

Fuck all that shit

And no longer be a hypocrite.


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