i’m coming out


Snakes inside my brain, crawling, searching for prey, biting along the way.

Night comes and the moon is weak… Darkness offers shelter, only, for those who wish to enter.

Keep them open: doors and windows, feelings and meanings, eyes towards the skies.

Day comes and the sun is strong… Light offers exposure, body and mind in total composure.

Keep them closed: greedy hands and suffocating demands, words untrue that hurt a few, fears that nibble your years.

Fast breathing yet my heart is freezing.

I’m coming out… Do you hear that Fear?

I fear you not. I owe you nothing. I’m going hunting…

You are so tasty, I will devour you as a pastry.

Your leftovers will be my breakfast.

Spit if you want, go ahead, and that will be my lunch

Cry like a baby and your tears will be my dinner

The forest, now, will be my guide:

I am the snake, the one that will show you it’s all fake.

I am the tree, the one that will take your key.

I am the air, catch me if you dare.

I am the snake, the one who will swallow you whole

I am claiming back my soul.

I’m coming out… Do you hear that Fear?

My hunting supplies will terrorize:

Colorful butterflies and naughty bees, stars and guitars, love and compassion, truth and acceptance, dreams and faithfulness, flowers with superpowers.

Night comes, this time the moon is strong, I can see you, I can smell you.

I think you should hide. You re in big trouble.

I m coming out..


7 thoughts on “i’m coming out

      1. i know Rob. i do surprisingly well. probably my ‘system’ needed a gateaway of all the things i kept inside throughout the years. i try to see it as a cleansing process .


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