if only



Here I go, once again..

And it won’t be that bad.

Every little thing releases aromas. Every little one of us, is realizing their own scent.

This is the learning process.

Here I go again…

Eyes wide open, my wings on standby. Let’s be honest, I know I can’t fly, for my wings are broken.

Eyes wide shut and I might give it a try. I am frightened, I remember now…

I was created by smoke.

I was fooled by wizards.

I was appreciated by worms.

I was choked by wild flowers.


My mind cannot stand still; it follows, step by step, the choreography of absurdity.

My body, motionless, sings the rhyme.

Here I go, again…

And I flew over the wild ocean

And the smoke transformed into a soft cloud

And the wizards are no longer the charmers

And the worms turned into colorful butterflies

And the wild flowers became my wildest dreams



Will you offer me some trees? I need them for companionship. My forest is running out of animals and plants.

Will you give me some of your flowers? I need your perfume, so to keep our memories alive.

Will you sing to me? I need to get rid of this deadly silence.

Will you touch me? I need to get aroused.

Will you drive me to the flea market? I need to sell my imperfections and give away my fears.


It took me a while, I suppose

But finally, I am here, I am in control, I am burning.

Burning for your sake.  Burning for your insanity.

I am realizing my own scent, now. I can recognize your aroma

If only the timing was right.

Here I go, once again, and I am witnessing my own beginning…

And, I guess, it won’t be that bad.


8 thoughts on “if only

  1. Last year I watched a Bruce Lee documentary, in it he said, “Be yourself, be like water my friend”. Moment later I started to draw the words “Be yourself” in friendly bold fonts in a paper. Then I placed that piece of paper on to my door. Every time when I go out I see it, thinking, be yourself.
    By the way your art and writings touches me in deep way. Nice

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    1. thanks! i m so glad i found your blog. i am from greece and even though i am familiar with greek mythology i find your blog VERY informative. i love blogs that i can learn something new from, and yours is certainly one of them.will be checking you out soon! gracias

      Liked by 1 person

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