clouds but no rain



I was near the sea.

You asked me if I could really see.

I gave you a shy smile.

You looked at the sun and said if we, ever, shine…

Do I know you? Have we met before?

You touched my hand and said ‘I am an open door’.

You freaked me out, thought you were tripping.

You laughed,” Soon we all be gone missing


I enloyed watching you play with your dog, under that tree

Until, you offered me some green tea

…and also a kiss on the lips

Fast breathing, such teasing!

It was a summer noon, under the shade, I remember.

Too much heat, so let’s be discreet…

I asked you what is it, that you really want.

Your eyes were gazing at the clouds up in the sky…

‘I want adventure’

So, I found a little treasure…’’what is your name?’’

’My name is cloud’, you replied,’ and now I have to go.’

You were beautiful from head to toe


I laughed, mainly because of my insecurity

But there was also purity.

‘Thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you and your clouds!’

‘‘Oh I ‘m sure we’ll meet again, within the crowds…’’


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