mutual admiration (Sunlight-Moonlight)


Without Logic, I become an animal…Am I a predator or someone else’s breakfast?

Without a heart, I am dead meat, but then, why can’t I rest in peace?

Without feelings, I’m a Kalashnikov, killing everything that may cause me pain or joy.

Without love, I am incapable of forgiving. I am self-centered.

Without forgiveness, I am unable to recognize my own mistakes.

Without peace, I am a trouble maker.

Without a mind, I am ready to accept. My heart becomes the major player and fear is out of question.

Without fear, I am willing to take the risk. More yes than no.

Without speech, I am suffocating on my own thoughts.  I no longer speak my own truth. I’m drowning.

Without a body, I can live forever.

Without a family, I am a stray cat, meowing for shelter and affection.

Without awareness I am NOT.

Without trees, I cannot breathe.

Without a breath, I am a statue.

Without freedom, I am trapped in to this system we call ‘life’.

Without religion, I can explore my inner small god.

Without creativity, I am silent.

But without you, my friend …

Well, I am nothing really.


19 thoughts on “mutual admiration (Sunlight-Moonlight)

  1. Geo, this is by far my favorite (well, because the Sunlight and Moonlight are my favorites). But this line struck me “Without a heart, I am dead meat, but then, why can’t I rest in peace?” Dang! Snap snap. How the words were voiced, the timing and rhythm. Your art and writing fits perfectly. Thanks for sharing! And who can use “Kalashnikov” in a poem? ahaha You’da man!

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      1. cheers! i am truly honored hearing all this from you. Also so happy you enjoyed this. your blog is one of my favorites to keep me company when its raining and i cant go out and wander.its like i wander through your words. thanks for all the love. i send you some moon love then(as its is night time here in greece)


  2. “Without forgiveness, I am unable to recognize my own mistakes.”
    geo.kalpataru thank you so much for all these words and drawing. It’s soothing for my mind and heart. Dude i like it!

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      1. 1. I am! Athens, and Greece, is a strange but beautiful place. Where in the world are you?

        2. Why, thank you! I’ve never been called “a cool Slayer” . . . I’ll take it!

        My task is simple:

        To traverse and rid the world of fevered egos – including my own.

        Keep you posted.

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