a koala’s ghetto


This is where I wanna live

There is no better drawing of mine here, that could match the essence of Irati’s blog ahousetolive. A way to show appreciation for my WordPress Gang. Irati’s blog is one of a kind, every time I visit it, I get a feeling of warmth. Irati is currently based in London, wandering the streets in search of houses – she offers nostalgia to me, as I spent almost 7 years in London, and what is even cooler is that we would have been neighbors, if our ‘timing’ was synchronized. Check it out if you are a fan of typography, cool drawings,house interiors and house portraits! Gracias Irate!



11 thoughts on “a koala’s ghetto

  1. Nice home Georgios! If you let me move in, I would draw some apples on your tree, put a gramophone on your giraffe’s back, and a toilet under the flowers:) puszi

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  2. I wanted to stop by last nite but time got in the way,just wanted to see something I hadn’t seen before,your work is always so playful and full of color,it always brings me joy,
    Thank for for visiting
    As always Sheldon

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